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Sina micro enlighten Classroom Lesson: << >> new media operators skill smooth guitar lessons - Let Reviewing the Old together!

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Date: April 13

Guest: Calendar overnight co-founder Chen Ju, has successfully planned within six months more than online activities for the public to accumulate hundreds of thousands of high-quality user number.

Topic: how to plan the ultimate online activities spread?

1, the use of the law to create the popular three events spread of power.

2, how to plan a good event propagation mechanism.

3, how to do the activities start. Follow-up and recovery disk.

Dry lot, small as we hereby sorted out the most practical lecture notes, come to learn it ~

How to use the law to create the popular three events spread of power?

First, adhesion rule

1, material rewards: an activity if there is a prize that many users decide whether or not to participate in the first factor, but in fact, doing activities material reward is one of the most direct factor is not necessarily the decisive factor.

2, Spirit Incentives: If we can give the user some incentives in the spiritual level, the user may not need the prize will be very willing to participate in activities, spiritual incentive to the user, such as presence, vanity, sense of accomplishment, pride, etc. and so on, so planning a deeply moving event, some from the spiritual to consider.

3, social interaction: if we can establish some social interaction in the course of activities of the links can greatly enhance the attractiveness of activities.

Second, the Law of the Few

I call it the law of key users, because the real decisions of individual things popular figure in fact is our key user activities in << tipping point: how to make popular >> this book the author introduces three more special characters :

The first role is expert: In fact, this particular role more obvious target, no matter each row and industry have this particular industry's top talent, they have a larger voice.

The second role is to contact members: their relationship network is better able to play a relatively large impact force, we found that as much as possible to have contact potential members of individuals and organizations, and they establish a good relationship, full excavation their influence.

The third role is a salesman: He is characterized by a very good and keen to promote its own favorite things, this activity is also found in some individual users are very willing to share and promote.

These three roles are not necessarily separated in fact, some people may also have two or even are three characteristics.

Third, the Power of Context

? How to create a good environment for the propagation environment it can be from three force:

1, the information bombing: what we want to strengthen a concept repeatedly whereabouts of users within a limited time and space, when a user first saw things may not cause his attention, when his second, third, and more times, repeatedly see the same thing at the time, that this thing in the end no matter what, he would probably point to open a look.

2, multiple experience: a number of different forms of the same theme reinforced.

3, the community atmosphere: to provide a good atmosphere to the user through the construction of a community, and this is a very important tool.

How to design a good event propagation mechanism?

First, the forms of communication activities, if there is a good form of communication, then the activity will be greatly affected.

Second, the chain of transmission and processes.

One problem: how to create a community since the early community media operators how to do maintenance??

At that time we made products, activities, played a crucial role in the community, also mentioned before, before the formal activities do, in fact, it is by 'know almost' to answer questions in the form of attracting a number of very high-quality seed user, the user how to do a good job came after the maintenance work?

That I think is to give everyone a common, interesting things so that we do together, for example, I started doing 'punch' activities, we do not have the product, we get up early every morning is to let everyone in the group in attendance, at the same time set very interesting link, we will remember the basis of your clocking points, 10 points recorded on the first day, the second consecutive day will remember 20 points, serials longer integral sooner, of course, off the re-start, which is integral system.

Then there are the rules, if the day did not punch in the group, you need to send a red envelope in the group, then this incentive mechanism would encourage more people, in addition to these, we also share the article concerned, so that we work together to learn providing valuable content, use good content to fill a community, so that we think that this community alone can continuously get good things, finally, to create topic from time to time, so that we interact, discuss , so put invigorate the community.

Overall, how well a community, first you need to have a common theme so that everyone doing a thing, and the second is the use of valuable content to enrich the community, create a third exchange, interactive topic and ambience .

Second problem: how to attract users to the initial activities and quickly rose pink?

This is a quick start on the activities of the problem, which started in the forefront of many ways, in fact, just about the community including the start, pushing and advertising, soft paper, etc. are very good way, then point to note is that some use more resources should be concentrated to achieve in a short time refresh the effect will be to enhance the activity of the start-up speed, do not disperse resources.

Question three: how to make cross-border cooperation activities?

Cross-border cooperation best thing is no competition between each other's business, if you can find this complementary relationship, and that this relationship and common goals, we can be very good cooperation, such as when we held the 'Peking University (micro Bo) student travel 'activities, looking for a more traditional travel companies, so that was a good complement, we specialize in the line and the next line of good travel agency, we have good technology, but they have good resources this has a very good complementary aspects of the relationship, and we have a common goal: to expand the education market Beijing, and that eventually it'll activities more successful.

Another example is 'reading activities.' We are cooperating with book publishers, and everyone will work together to contribute to the activities done relatively large, while giving users to promote some of their books published, thus forming a very good cooperation and win-win relationship, such cross-border cooperation it appropriate to find a good partner, what is appropriate? first have a common goal, and the second to have the resources to each other, the ability of this complementary relationship.

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