How to quickly reduce fat without flesh?

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REVIEW: weight loss battle is definitely a protracted perseverance and endurance to lose weight the easiest way is to eat less, move more often but can not stand a week ended in failure, however, to the beautiful posture, we have... . war Here to tell you how to quickly reduce fat without flesh sources:. PCLADY

The diet into daily life

The diet into daily life

1 at home, and plastic bottles filled with water, it becomes a simple dumbbell. Soup cooking time, nothing to give it a few dozen, the thin arm will be able to effectively get rid of your butterfly sleeves oh.

2, do not immediately sit down after dinner to play the computer or watching TV, it is unable to control, you play standing stood watching, this is an effective flat belly good habits.

3, less elevator, stair is a good way to lose weight, usually go out half an hour earlier, one-stop way and then ride within .20 minutes away, walking can be considered long-term stick with it, you will find , really thin.

4, weekends do more to engage in health, sweat climb in touch with low labor, not only feel comfortable, even your belly unconsciously gone.

5, to reduce the time eating out. Inside the restaurant cuisine will let you open the appetite, and unconsciously bottles of wine or drink a few points. Finally heat control has gone up, which is an important factor leading to weight gain. Diet law amount to moderate weight control.

One week quick fix to lose weight three principles

One week quick fix to lose weight three principles

1, diminished appetite, so that reducing calorie intake

2, fasting will make sense of sustained pressure

3, so that defecation

5 one week to slim down lose weight method

5 one week to slim down lose weight method

Whether you want to reduce the number of kilograms in the short term, as long as detrimental to health, destruction of homeostasis weight loss methods are to be avoided. Here are five practical approach.

Method One: The porridge instead of rice, heat halved

In this week, with porridge instead of rice, a bowl of the same weight, the heat is much lower than the porridge of rice and abundant water allow you to fully get a sense of satiety, appetite control, prevention and improvement of overeating.

In addition, you can add kelp, hijiki seaweed and other ingredients to porridge, rich in dietary fiber, promote detoxification, while slowing the body's absorption of fat, sugar quality.

Method Two: eat fruits and vegetables salad add a little seaweed ingredients

Although the salad is rich in enzymes and dietary fiber, but the potato salad, macaroni salad adding a lot of mayonnaise, calories will be high. It is generally best to choose fruits and salads, while Working at Heico algae food, activation of intestinal motility, improve constipation, but also thin waist, and eat at ease and healthy.

Eat warm vegetable dishes insufficient food intake

Method three: Eat warm vegetable dishes insufficient food intake

In the control diet, you may often feel not enough to eat, the stomach is also hungry, then you can do some warm vegetable dishes, cooking all OK, put some salt, pepper, vinegar, seasonings, eliminating the sense of fasting , vitamins and minerals, while warm but also improve the metabolism.

Four: when to eat sweets, pumpkin and sweet potato instead of

Cake, chocolate, candy, snacks, etc., is that many people like to eat sweets, especially the pressure in a bad mood, eat sweets can really ease the mood. But sweets high in sugar in the diet to lose weight need to control, might cooking point pumpkin and sweet potatoes, natural sugars bring you the same sweet taste, more dietary fiber to improve constipation, promote detoxification it!

Method five: with carbonated water to diet

Drug use or eating baking soda deployment carbonated water, drink slowly and drink a cup before meals, or eat, eliminating the sense of fasting, to prevent overeating. Furthermore, carbonated make blood vessels expand, promote blood circulation, to improve poor blood circulation, improve metabolism have a certain effect, and make toxins in the blood of waste discharged smoothly!

One day lose weight schedule

One day lose weight schedule

1, get up

I woke up this morning, in bed, stretch the body, so that the bones quickly shaping. After getting up, you can drink a glass of carbonated water at room temperature, activate blood circulation around the stomach, wake intestinal peristalsis, promote detoxification.

2 in the morning

Eat porridge in the morning light, If you could eat an egg protein supplements, the better. Then, after digestion of food or less, and more little exercise, another day of metabolism in the acceleration state, for example in advance at a station car, took the step to, or climbing stairs, standing, and so when the car as much as possible.

3, noon and evening

Noon porridge is the staple food, before meals, drink a glass of carbonated water with a healthy cooking, thin soup, low-fat meats, full satiety point about .3 empty stomach, you want something to eat, then eat sweet potatoes and pumpkin bar!

4, dinner

Dinner is also used as a staple food porridge, if that is too thin is not enough to eat, you can cook a little thick Oh! Cooking with tofu, seaweed, low-fat meat, eggs and other food, but best to eat dinner at around 19:00, so as to allow sufficient food digestion and prevent the accumulation of excess, do not eat before going to bed Oh!

5, after dinner to bedtime

Night hungry, then drink a glass of carbonated water bar, bubble bath can also alleviate the sense of fasting, do some stretching exercises before the bath, stimulate blood circulation, bath while doing the massage, so relaxing before going to bed can be done easily stretching movements, so you sleep quality improvement, to help improve physical fitness (source: vision China Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 如何在不割肉的情況下 快速減脂?

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