US clothing items suddenly suddenly ugly throwback Fan Ye in the end how to wear it best

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Lead: Long time no inventory Fan Ye, dress up, Fan Ye, Xiao Bian found recently also attended a number of events, dress sense is very unstable, sometimes as beautiful as the goddess, but when a little ridiculous, she also looks at fat as lean, is Fan Ye of clothing items is really a step backward look down to know (source:? love beautiful

Fan Bingbing wearing a pink dress debut

Fan Ye, take a look at the latest modeling activities, attend shareholder activity Huayi Brothers, dressed in a pink dress with silver high heels, pink color is still pretty lining her feminine, although there is no waist, whole or sweet, pleasant but Fan Ye donkey hoof shoes really love dedication ah.

Fan Bingbing wearing a white print dress to participate in activities

The white print dress to dress much more beautiful, classic lace collar design, vibrant green pattern, full breath of spring, also sketched out a little waistline, fresh and playful, it is worth to praise it.

Fan Bingbing wearing a print dress classical debut

The ornate palace style printed dress wear good, simple and neat tailoring, classic A word version of the type, perfect modified plump body, refreshing fifth sleeve design, show grace and elegance.

Fan Bingbing Paris street shooting

Fan Ye, earlier participated in the street during the 2016 Winter Paris Fashion Week beat, wearing a bright jacket with black geometric stitching inside the ride, very stylish and beautiful, look young and energetic.

Street beat Fan Bingbing striped windbreaker Airport

The overall effect outfit, this jacket with bright light hit the color design, the classic geometric elements, with design, with a black base and white shoes thick crust, tall and thin.

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Traditional Chinese: 忽美忽醜衣品大退步 範爺到底怎麽穿才最美

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