15-year-old boy was killed the assailant students cut-throat mother heard the news of sudden death

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April 28, 2016 afternoon, the tragedy occurred in Dalian City, Liaoning Province Zhuanghe second Middle School, a 15-year-old Lu underwent two days the boys in the school classmate Kang was with wallpaper knife cut-throat, neck blood spewing artery was cut, despite the rescue but was killed. Kang's mother that his son got into trouble after the sudden illness killed .2 families heavens, the victim Lu underwent the families of the tragic death of his son's misfortune, as well as schools and local education, 'a variety of omission' questioned, May 6, the country learned that the rule of law search, local education authorities and the police are investigating the matter for further investigation.

15-year-old school boy was cut-throat and killed two days

Assailant boys mother heard the news of sudden death

May 2, Zhuanghe City twenty-two Lu underwent secondary two students parents (microblogging) in the post, 'I am Zhuanghe City, Liaoning Province twenty-two Lu XX secondary two students parents. My son Lu xx throats slit in the school classroom, April 28, 2016 afternoon, Zhuanghe City is the twenty-second group of junior high school biology class for two years. the students in the class and my son Kang Lu xx for the chores in the classroom quarrel, after teachers found to stop, then continue with the lecture. '

According to the parents stating, 'Soon, Kang and my son upgrade from mouth to tearing, Kang took out a fruit knife stabbing the neck of my son, my son carotid artery was cut, blood injection. After the students see, help my son clutching his wound. when the class teacher and the school does not take timely and effective rescue measures more than an hour before we notify the parents. I rushed to the school, to see the child has to die. I own a taxi to send their children to the hospital. to hospital, the doctor said the child had died in the afternoon, Kang's mother learned her son to kill the message, sudden illness, died. '

5:00 murdered parents raised doubts

EDB anger to schools and seek justice

May 5, the country found the rule of law (law.chinaso.com contact person to post true, but to provide the families of the phone has shut down, 'My son was 15 years old, a better life has just begun, so killed! Our family lost a lovely son, we had an old married couple the day after how? we really want to live! Although Kang's mother died because of this matter, but that her life, how my son arrived in this life ? we also know that death is final, but seeing all the schools and the Department of Education does not act, our hearts are broken! our anger! we protest! we have a complaint! we are looking for an explanation for my dead son ! seek justice, 'the child's sudden death, to bring the whole family great sorrow, inscribed parents Lv Wenbo on schools and local education departments,' not as 'asking the question:

1, Kang murder in the classroom, biology class teacher not forgive the crime. Two students clearly see the intense contradictions occur in the classroom, why not immediately separate the two? And two second altercation upgrade to tearing, the teacher was doing it? Why not stop in time? student life are not guaranteed, also taught what to learn?

2, after the murder, school leaders and teachers know that my son was severed carotid artery, so the critical thing, why not rescue? Why after an hour to notify the parents? Teachers so much there is a car, the school also school bus, why not promptly sent to the hospital? I asked the hospital to send their children to school, the school teacher and did not come out to help, so I actually own a taxi! In the face of life, school Why so cold?

3, Kang fruit knife into the classroom is how the? Normal school safety management is how you do that? Why does this kind of control of the tool to arrange for someone to check? If there is no knife, tearing two students, my son could die right ? I heard that the school after the murder, not to help us take care of things, but people are busy schedule to write up safety education records to cope with the higher examination. superiors want to send someone to look at their personal safety education files, see see is not fake?

4, after the murder, the Bureau only sent a small section chief came to inquire, there is nothing more important than human life? I heard April 29, that is my son died the next day, they are busy opening principals would. usually they do it? a murder remembered safe, it's not superficial, shirk responsibility? son has been killed in five days, as the Department of Education does not always excuses not to restore the truth of the murder, do not give a the exact statement, but we will do everything possible to persuade his son cremated. they took me home this painful mind yet? they also do a little compassion?

5, Zhuanghe school murder, my son is not the first since the past few years happen very often. There are three students in the murder, there are nine students homicides last year, there are six high school students jumped case, so many bloody murder legend What is the problem? this is a huge loophole exposed EDB safety education and management, and also shows that their so-called safety education are superficial. my son's death, they can not shirk its responsibility. my son is in the public school classroom kill, really shocking! He died too injustice. Biology class teacher should be expelled from it? Principal twenty-two can continue when president do? EDB leaders should be investigated and accountability, right? In this letter I sent both to the central inspection teams, provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, provincial Procuratorate, also sent to a number of newspaper media, hoping sectors of society concerned, see if you can use my son's blood for his son and for our family to seek justice! (Parents Lv Wenbo

School: You ask POLICE

Zhuanghe City Department of Education Comprehensive Management Office phone still no answer

May 6, the deceased parents broke the news in the online issue, the country found the rule of law (telephone contact law.chinaso.com Dalian Zhuanghe second Middle School office, after then repeatedly call, a man claiming to pick up the school teacher phone:. 'school leaders are out at a meeting, office no one, this thing you ask the Public Security' then hung up the phone very impatient.

0900 country search rule (law.chinaso.com they are linked to the Zhuanghe City Board of Education, a female staff member of the Department of Education provides a comprehensive management office office phone, from 9 am to 10 am, nearly a hours, repeatedly calling the comprehensive management of female staff to do the phone, still no answer.

Attack boy XingJu

Quarrel between classes and subsequent tear

At 13:00 on May 6, the country found the rule of law (law.chinaso.com removed from a number of insiders and departments learned, April 28 13 am, in Dalian Zhuanghe twenty-two secondary two students Lvmou Kang and because of a trivial quarrel occurred in biology class, the teacher to stop immediately. a few minutes later two people and tearing occurs again, Kang holding wallpaper knife classmate Lu underwent carotid artery severed, the presence of the teacher immediately carried the injured Lvmou rescue and contact the hospital.

Learned from the hospital after the incident, Dalian Zhuanghe Fairy Cave Town hospital after receiving the report, immediately sent a doctor rushed to the school to implement treatment and immediately sent to the Dalian Central Hospital for emergency treatment, after she died. After identification system Lu underwent right subclavian artery rupture body bled to death. Kang alleged damage has been under criminal detention by the local police.

Campus 'murder'

Assailant, what school should bear legal responsibility?

According to the Criminal Code, fourteen years of age under 16 years of age according to our people, guilty of intentional homicide, intentional injury causing serious injury or death, rape, robbery, drug trafficking, arson, explosion, poisoning the crime shall bear criminal responsibility. fourteen years of age under eighteen years of age who commits a crime should be given a lighter or mitigated punishment. guilty of manslaughter, sentenced to death, life imprisonment or imprisonment for more than a decade, less serious, there are less than three years of imprisonment

Our << Tort Liability Act >> Article 38 stipulates: 'No civil capacity in the kindergarten, school or other educational institution, subject to physical damage during life, kindergartens, schools or other educational institutions should bear the responsibility, but It can prove to the best education, management responsibilities, and does not assume responsibility 'Article 39 stipulates:.' restrict capacity for civil conduct in school or other educational institution, subject to personal injury during the life, school or other educational institution fails to fulfill education, management responsibilities, shall be liable. 'accordingly, restrictions on civil capacity in school or other educational institution, subject to physical damage during life, applies fault principle, no capacity for civil conduct in kindergartens, schools or other educational institution, subject to personal injury during the life of the applicable principle of presumption of fault.

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Traditional Chinese: 15歲男生遭同學割喉身亡 行兇者母親聞訊猝死

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