Shuanghui Smithfield meat Xiangpiao American media since 2016 China Fashion Awards

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Lead: April 29, 2016, 2016 Chinese fashion by the Sina lifestyle center hosted from Media Awards (S / S in Beijing 751D-PARK Fashion Design Plaza 79 cans come to an end Shuanghui Group as the General Assembly buffet sponsorship partners, Featured American brand's Smithfield meat products in the Grand Prix scene Xiangpiao four, by the guests welcome.

In September 2013, to $ 7.1 billion acquisition of Shuanghui the world's largest food company US pork Smithfield, a new record for mergers and acquisitions of Chinese enterprises in the United States, has become a milestone in the history of Chinese meat industry as Shuanghui flagship brand, Smithfield's methods of food products and we are familiar with traditional meat different, the biggest difference is its refreshing taste fresh, convenient to eat.

Smithfield American meat product selection of quality imported raw materials, a unique low-temperature processing technology, the entire production process in the processing temperature not higher than 20 degrees, to better protect product taste, nutrition and flavor, which is the production of environmental hygiene requirements. Shuanghui Group commissioned a special US health professional cleaner company tracking service, workshop environment temperature controlled at 0-6 degrees, protect the product quality and safety.

Smithfield meat products in addition to American taste, and with a reasonable, balanced nutrition. Shuanghui Group is not only in the promotion of a high-quality American products, but also in advocacy and lead a new fashion healthy food life.

In 2016 China Fashion Awards event from the media scene, Smithfield brand presents three classic American meat products, by the honored guests welcome, delicious meat to taste authentic American guests were all full of praise.

Smithfield American sausages selection of the main raw material imports of US Smithfield pig hind leg, without adding flavoring agents, coloring agents, sweeteners, nutrition, safety, taste crisp and juicy, meaty rich.

Smithfield ham American by the United States Smithfield rigorous tender, tumbling, slicing aseptic processing technology, products do not add starch, coloring agents, flavoring essence, retained the integrity of American ham is tender, meaty rich, pure flavor and so on.

Smithfield Bacon selection of American imports of US Smithfield pig belly ribs meat as the main raw material used by the US Smithfield tumbling, hickory smoked, sliced and other aseptic processing technology, do not add starch, coloring agents, flavoring essence, combines meat the fresh nutrition and hickory mellow, to cater to consumers' nutrition, health, safety, 'the appeal.

Since 2016 China Fashion Awards Media is the first media gathered from one hundred fashion awards event, awards site stars supermodel gathered, bringing together a number of heavyweight fashion from media people. Sina exclusive release 'Chinese fashion hundred media from Value List 'ten and fashion from the media, the star Zhang Liang, Yi Keli Lane from media people were awarded the' most stylish value artist 'and' Best value fashion from the media, 'the two heavyweight prize.

Smithfield brand pursuit of excellence, quality-conscious positioning and international fashion image and media since 2016 China Fashion Awards coincides with its high quality delicious buffet for on-site guests impressed, but also reflects both convenience and taste lifestyle attitude. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 雙匯Smithfield美式肉食香飄2016中國時尚自媒體大賞

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