Chongqing guy Zealand students to apply when the farmer has three times rejected

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Guo Tian

Guo Tian, 34, Banan District in 2010 to study (microblogging) New Zealand, Bachelor of Information Engineering, University of Auckland honor. After graduating from a local IT company where he was involved in New Zealand airlines, insurance companies, public hospitals IT systems development and test installations. 2013 started their own businesses, after a joint venture with a friend to buy Hamilton near 5 ha farm management.


'At home by their parents, go out to rely on friends, these words do not leave, to be based in New Zealand, entrepreneurship, because it is experiencing elegant, handed true friend.'


Chongqing Morning News: students to apply three times rejected Why so persistent?

Guo Tian: face discrimination of others, we can not self-esteem, not retreat, but to cold eyes as incentive to pursue more self.

Chongqing Morning News: you career did a good job, why do you want to quit the farm?

Guo Tian: I like the idyllic lifestyle, now engaged to be balanced farm do IT, professional that does not neglect to buy a farm, the mother can come to live, and feel more at home.

When studying the application was rejected three times, he does not give up his dream, when he graduated gave us a pleasant surprise, an honorary Bachelor of General A +.

When he was together with the students studying in New Zealand, could not find work have returned home, but he left to go in the workplace veteran, worked hard their own business from scratch. Guo Tian satisfied with the IT company as senior employees , he decided to resign stem from foreign trade, and is now with friends bought a 5-hectare farm management.

2015, Christmas Eve, the Chongqing Morning News reporters Shou Yaolai and Dao Xin Guo Tian farm visit.

University of Auckland application was rejected three times

Childhood, Guo Tian lived in a Banan across the river. 'I am really eager to town, go downtown, to the Liberation Monument.' Guo Tian said, when he occasionally went to town with her mother to play again, excited and happy , my mother always told myself, 'good man Faces, the world is still very great, grow up you can go farther.'

In 1997, Guo Tian Yudong Banan read in elementary school, and later admitted to the Chongqing experimental school, college entrance examination (microblogging) admitted to Tianjin University of Technology. In 2010, at her mother's encouragement to study in Auckland.

Come to New Zealand, Guo Tian own efforts to prepare the information, in accordance with the conditions of the online publication of the University of Auckland apply to the school.

Guo Tian sent three times the data are rejected, do not throw in the towel, he declined to school to understand the reasons for, and did not take the science department looking at paper bag Guo Tian, face stiff, said: 'No, I'm not interested give me out! 'So far, Guo Tian still think this is the biggest stimulus in his life suffered.

Too poor to buy teaching material

'I did not understand why my application materials have been met, has repeatedly rejected.' Guo Tian said that fortunately language school teacher knew about the matter for me to complain, and finally into the top universities in New Zealand - Auckland University, learning and information Engineering.

University textbooks are expensive, often a professional materials to NZ $ 100 (equivalent to about 430 yuan), Guo Tian can not afford, only to see the library. More than learning, Guo Tian had to go to work to earn some living expenses. Class after Guo Tian go dry a cleaning job, work, school library and then turn back, until 23:00, the library closed, he returned shared house cook.

Although the work took a lot of time, Guo Tian's performance has been a leading full-line, almost every department can get A +. A 'bachelor honors degree' winner rare Auckland University graduate.

Do foreign trade and farm management

Guo Tian after graduation worked in a local IT company, mainly engaged in the installation and development of IT systems involved in the Air New Zealand, hospitals, insurance companies, systems analysis and project testing, has been recognized by the industry. The end of 2012, Guo Tian follow grew up in a small farm Hamish brothers to start the import and export trade, brother Hamish in the bank responsible for the farm project, their positioning agriculture products trading company, the Chinese-designed tools introduced to New Zealand. Today, Guo and Tian brothers Hamish Hamilton bought a joint 5-hectare farm, he became a farmer.

Now Guo Tian's mother every year coming to stay, farm reared 8 head of cattle, three sheep, also planted a wealth of vegetables, fruits, summer heat, to the yard pick two lemon water to drink, do lunch direct pick a few pieces of lettuce leaves, a few tomatoes, digging points potatoes, carrots, can do a delicious salad.

'Fiji will be distributed after the mixed aroma of ripe fruit and strawberry guava.' The Fiji fruit to his hometown of Chongqing, will be the next dream Guo Tian chase. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 重慶小夥新西蘭當農場主 留學申請曾三次被拒

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