Suit dress like selling insurance actress changed learned how to stitch sister overbearing president

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Lead: Now more and more Chinese actress not to tease, but began to tease sister to go from the line, really verify the saying goes, if the handsome woman up that no man what happened. (Editor: @philtre)

Sweep the two-dimensional micro-letter code concerns
Actress prefer to wear suits

Start talking about the red carpet, actress previously rarely seen on the red carpet wearing trousers, one is wearing large skirts fluttering in the wind, watching the graceful and luxurious, but also have to see more fatigued, occasionally a pants, it makes an impact.

Feeling female stars wear suits make an impact
Feeling wear suits make an impact

So, slowly wearing simple handsome mainstreamed moment, after all, male stars like getting dressed butterflies, the woman will have to stand up man command rivers and lakes.

Male Female wearing red racing star

The actress wore now look like this:

Actress wearing a suit with wide leg pants
Miss Watson modeling suits

However, in spite of every effort to play the female star overbearing female president, but the problem is still here, it looks capable and neat suits or Western style suit and put on his sister tease, wear well it would sell insurance professional package, female leader or the urban fringe, so take a look, able to wear suits to how to make your stylish sister to stitch it!

Kun Ling and Zheng Shuang a look too bloated, but it seems not afford to support a clothes

Suits + shoes

Want a full range of children's leisure, you can choose to use suits with sneakers, pants and tops as far as possible choose to loose money, not too tight, creating a free and easy casual feel, but as far as possible with the jacket and pants are sets of colors and texture as much as possible unified look better.

Li Bingbing Cannes debut
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Traditional Chinese: 西服穿的像賣保險 怎麽學女明星變霸道總裁去撩妹

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