Five students of the American University misunderstand you in a few shots?

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Study abroad (microblogging) news magazine on American universities, popular among a lot of 'legend.' So in the end what is true and what is just a rumor? Today, Jun studying with renowned universities from the United States to guide site inside Colleges That Change the information collected to give everyone rumor it!

Misunderstanding number one: When looking for a job or applying to graduate school, the interviewer will attach great importance to the student Graduated visibility than not unknown school, they would like to receive more elite graduates.

Fact: In some domestic companies may be the case, but foreign and graduate school admissions officers value the students' personal experience and comprehensive capabilities, rather than merely a diploma from the prestigious graduate and so can not guarantee that we will be able to find. good job, graduating from high school is not well-known does not mean it can not find a good job. so if you want to enter the well-known enterprises after graduation or graduate school, or do you want to practice in college, take part in school and community leaders and other activities, and to maintain good grades. I believe the opportunity will never leave those who are prepared.

Myth: inside a large comprehensive university courses more diversity, better professors, do more research and internship opportunities.

Fact: Big U inside indeed more optional courses, but many popular courses are difficult ARTS chosen, though a small program, but students are encouraged to explore their own learning development direction is also not the elite professors to be good, I do not know a lot. University name also has coached the Nobel laureate and sometimes even non-famous professors lecture to TAs may be even better than the professors. large U do research and internship opportunities indeed more, but because so many people and large U Arts, compared to the average of each person's opportunities are not necessarily more. no matter what kind of school you want to study or internship opportunities are to make their own fight.

Misunderstanding number three: high school grades and standardized outstanding students must go to schools not doing well there is no way the schools.

Fact: As more and more high student, university admission standards are increasingly diverse in addition to scores, instruments, extra-curricular activities as important as these things are not talking about the good results we will be able on schools, if other poor grades. very prominent aspect is the opportunity to enter the elite. but even from an early age are very good top student is not necessarily true for schools to consider location, school style and other factors. Because each university admissions standards are many variations are difficult to predict personality, so please do not follow any standard to package themselves, show their true bright spot Jiuhaola to admissions officers.

Misunderstanding four: the sooner the better professional election, and try to just repair courses, do not fix too many independent and professional courses.

Fact: Many times during the freshman sophomore students will produce a lot of changes, so volatile in the past two years can be professional, to try some more lessons, the road will relax some of the many universities encourage students to repair double major, or even completely unrelated. the double major. more to learn the contents of different subjects can train students to think through a different perspective, it will not be locked into their profession.

Misunderstanding five: American University party a lot of alcohol and drugs flooding.

Fact: In some minority party school like this, but most of the schools for the management of alcohol and drugs is very strict in general, if you do not want contaminated with these things is that no one will force you, but you still can have a very good social life.

In some University dormitory substance free, which is a complete ban on alcohol and tobacco dormitory. American universities than those of Chinese universities to open up a little, but at the same time have a lot of facilities and staff to ensure students' physical and mental health, so long as their attention is not (magazine number from the public abroad can easily hurt. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 留學生對美國大學的五大誤解 你中了幾槍?

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