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Lead: beautiful fantasy, Yang Yang endorsement, NetEase new generation of national hand swim << Ghost Story >> today (May 19 officially landed App Store, the world's first open platform iOS ultimate beautiful scene of antiquity, ten different personality roles. , colorful and diverse gameplay, bring a new look for real time system MMORPG hand travel experience, players simply visit App Store search for 'Ghost Story' to download, you can experience the classic lead Qiannv new charm.

Beautiful fantasy extreme antiquity

<< Ghost Story >> hand travel to exquisite images, fine character modeling, dozens of antiquity characteristic scene for the players to create a dream-like fantasy of the Three Realms. Whether reflection in the water, shimmering lake, or a brick, a flowers and grass, all realistic nuanced, almost equal finesse end tour.

Led by the Yang Yang, Jiang Guangtao, quarter Guanlin, shan, treasure wood in the sun, light illusion, who composed all-star line-up for the BOSS, NPC and ten lead voice, bringing a new visual feast.

Three Realms fantasy play diverse

<< Ghost Story >> hand tour inherited end tour in a variety of play, such as single door division task completed, treasure map task team to complete the one-stop, Plucking best of luck, thrilling PVP play off Ning school field, Gao maze, and test knowledge of Imperial.

In order to adapt to the habits of mobile gamers, Qiannv hand tour of the play was the major innovation, to bring players a new experience is not the same as the new one-stop martial backyard, imperial dream, Chicken Run three copies, X. mirror world BOSS, take you experience the story Qiannv new, new activities Hang Jiuling gang, and gang brothers drink wine, chat while easy to get experience.

Battle hundred people live PK

<< Ghost Story >> gang League realization 100v100 real-time battle, but the first primary and secondary battlefield linkage play, greatly increasing the fun and variability. PK field is unrestricted freedom, Guan Ning battlefield, Gao maze, martial challenge other rich PVP play, brilliant special effects skills, Hearty bring players the ultimate gaming experience.

Need for equipment falling equity support face to face transactions

In << Ghost Story >> hand tour, all the best equipment all by Daguai output, completely fair randomly drop Regardless brush train, relive the story, or play a miser, Plucking and the year to come, even in wild Daguai hook, has a chance to burst precious epic and ghosts installed. equipment can deal face to face with other players, but also their own shop selling price tag, Rijindoujin.

Eight welfare gift beta

<< Ghost Story >> beta mobile games for the players to prepare a 1288 yuan novice Hao Li, from the log in the game, continued online, continuous attendance, to upgrade experience, can get good returns in the fourteenth day of the open service integration, each server combat power to send the top three out of print titles and special wings 'wings of the sky,' Get out of print titles rank the top three and wishful Hydrangea (animal debris.

The game also prepared a rich recharge rebate system to back players, such as the first charge will be 45 rare red arms, the cumulative recharge at least $ 10 players will not only get seven red equipment and strengthen the props, but also receive more rare purple and equipment.

The more heavy is the 'historical consumption return' activities, Ghost Story >> << new and old players can redeem end tour ingot total number of points obtained in 10% of the refund << Ghost Story >> hand tour, the maximum refund within mobile games worth 2000 yuan game props.

From May 13, players can download the free mobile landing App Store << Ghost Story >> hand travel, NetEase new generation of national hand swim iOS version is now fully starting immediately download, turn your journey into three realms.

<< Ghost Story >> Hand tour presentation

<< >> Ghost Story NetEase first hand travel fantasy gaming Ghost Story >> << new effort to build the original cast, is a tour-level aesthetic style has end and people set, heritage classic games are played, and created a number of innovative real-time system MMORPG hand tour. six vocational personality, experience the rich and diverse gameplay to achieve 100v100 gang league, field PK unlimited, the best equipment falling fair, the first face to face free trade. May 13 App Store exclusive debut in May 19 Added Andrews, comprehensive beta struck.

<< Ghost Story >> hand tour of three from a variety of media for continuing to pay benefits
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