Easily installed waist rescue small short-legged body piercing nine

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Lead: high waist dress can stretch ratio is also used to tell the truth it improves 10CM waist, legs look naturally long 10CM Thus in recent quarters to the prevalence of high-waisted dress, not only for those who already tall?. girls seem slender 'outrageous', but also save a group of petite girls want to show the 'nine body' effect. if you still do not know how to use to make their waist turned golden ratio, that really want Sign up to learn! (Source: Vogue

Vanessa Hudgens

High waist wide leg pants - legs '2M' is not a dream

Wide leg pants so popular, since there must be one, that when the election might lob waist section, but also fashionable to wear clothing with 'nine body', why not?! A high waist wide leg pants, instantly make your legs extended to the navel, legs '2M' create visual effects at once. Just with personal coat jacket and pants stuffed circumference, or exposed belly loaded it is also a perfect match.

Height 160 hovering edge Vanessa Hudgens is definitely representative of petite girls, you know what her favorite match it? Yes, high waist dress! So small it does not matter, only to increase the percentage of matter, and a high waist wide leg pants (trousers note is able to achieve the visual effect of lengthening, even if wearing flat shoes are not guilty.

High waist wide leg pants single product recommendation

High waist wide leg pants single product recommendation:

Milly orange high waist wide leg pants without tax reference price: 3,220 CNY

Victoria Beckham

Waisted miniskirt - farewell low breech

While everyone feel than other dresses, miniskirts can expose more leg line, so naturally there was a leggy as the wrong. But if it is low waist line mini skirt, short skirt will become inevitable without giving elegant feel. the high-waisted miniskirt positive solution to this problem, it is still a mini length, but it does not look too short. and can instantly solve Asian girls breech low distress.

Victoria Beckham's height but also 163cm, but she looks as if there is always 170+ height, in addition to year-round high heels to help out, know how to use high-waist stretch ratio also contributed. Choose umbrella pendulum slightly waisted miniskirt models not too much out of line wrapped, elegant double.

Waisted miniskirt single product recommendation

Waisted miniskirt single product recommendation:

Topshop mini high waist skirt umbrella without tax reference price: 260 CNY

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Traditional Chinese: 高腰裝解救小短腿 輕松穿出九頭身

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