Studies show incoming gas wells Bo Ran shirt will not be shut out his girlfriend

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Lead: Cannes this year, Chinese star and mighty, groups similar to walking the red carpet, but all aspects of the team so carefully planned but still no match for a variety of small surprises temporary happened, it was enough to kill a surprise ah many star Canbei Cannes shut out, but that's okay, not walking the red carpet, let's wear show by gas swept away the haze of clothes as well. (editor: @philtre)

Bo Ran well

Second to Cannes red carpet slim because of unexpected situations Cannes red carpet is stuck in the door, while his girlfriend home for the first time to Cannes red carpet but in the Ni Ni exhibition style, I do not know at this time look slim of being put away the red carpet is not already faint cry at the door, so boring, the only child companions playing long skirt pure Mars, while not able to see the Ni Ni, Yan Jing Boran this previous two values CP common flash bright debut, is very disappointing for.

Small accident victims wells missed the red carpet
Bo Ran well, Masi pure hovering at Cannes red carpet entrance

However, missed the red carpet what, not to walk on the red cloth around Well, we came to the red carpet of thousands of wells, it did not call something right! Moreover, it was glamorous girlfriend Ni Ni generous confession, always low-key intention Ni Janet counterparts director explained, 'they're saying my boyfriend yet.'

Good attentive

So, good mood Bo Ran well to put on the Tomb notes >> << conference with printed shirts show a gas comb 46 points retro hairstyle, to tell you, even though I was in Cannes rejected, but I have a glamorous girlfriend around the house waiting for me back then!

Bo Ran well site map

Printing and small Inoue time wearing this bright silk surface air show with printed shirt from Louis Vuitton, and also grateful to her husband mud sprouting a few even hit, it seems that this little retro and a little wind Daddy shirt is really very popular ah.

Bo Ran well wear LV print shirt

So we are now is that such complex and gas show, seem difficult to wear, will wear a little bad motherfucker shirt printing how to wear it?

The mother's shirt to how to wear it man

Be sure to select the match when first thing to say is the most basic print shirt is worn, wearing this shirt printing complex simple pants, and preferably dark lines, so that it will not form a top-heavy feeling. And when choosing shoes, or dark, such as black or brown, or the same color is to choose clothes and shoes, so as not to wear himself into a butterfly.

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Traditional Chinese: 學井柏然來件騷氣襯衫 才不會被女友拒之門外

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