Do they wear short-legged discrimination small proportion of the clothes better

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Lead: a day at the office and at home two first-line shuttle office workers, the purpose is not to dress themselves hoarse trying to do the most shining star in the crowd, but decent and a little trendy, looks although not a high but the proportion of good, though not thin legs, but nobody knows. (source: OnlyLady woman annals)

Today we'll talk about something on the smaller female summer light fashionable Tip (small thick legs light fashionable Expand the next section).

In this section we got the star is modeled on Emma Roberts.

Emma Roberts Activity photos

When it comes to dressing a little after, almost everyone will think of the Russian fashion blogger Miroslava Duma, then that is Emma Roberts. Compared fashion bloggers, daily street shooting in mortal identity starred Emma Roberts is not so much dramatic styling, So for those of us who are more reference.

Short head probably hinder stylish body issues all the most insignificant, in front of the golden ratio, less than 160 heads do not want to call the problem the proportion of gold, the purpose is only one word - waist.

Emma Roberts Street beat

Whether it is 180 or 155, the waist is accepted everywhere 'good proportion' of the highest standards .Emma Roberts know best.

Emma Roberts Street pictures

In addition to 'one second becomes nine body', Emma Roberts that 'without exaggerated fashion' is more worth learning.

Her most recent favorite with the fashionable formula Weila pantyhose + scarlet flat Mary Jane shoes.

Emma Roberts PW street pictures

Weila pantyhose pants is one of 2016's sharp goods, Emma spent almost finished this Mother jeans with all her blouse.

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In addition to Tabitha Simmons, Emma also use this with jeans too high heels, thick heels, high-heeled high waist + ratio of good to the image ps too.

Emma Roberts PW

In addition to high-waisted, thick heels can do for a good proportion of icing on the cake, not laborious off than fine with the Western style big part of this pair of red .Emma from Topshop, but the official website is already sold out.

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Traditional Chinese: 別歧視小短腿 她們穿對衣服比例好起來

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