She left and right back Chanel destroyed Balenciaga wearing one million

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Lead: There is a group of fashion circles 'reborn Experts' from birth to widespread media attention, yes, they are 'Star II' Whether every move or dress fashion media will become a hot topic. . (editor: fashion COSMO

She left back Chanel, right-Kua Balenciaga, wore one million costumes, the key is she was two years old

Do you think they are just a bunch of fight father Lord? NO! But they are fashionable beach-goers today Xiaobian will take you Pa Pa those 'out of the blue than blue' star baby, let them tell you what the real fashion.



She is Hollywood star Tom Cruise Tom Cruise and the brunette Katie - Holmes Katie Holmes's daughter, a young age she has been named Hollywood's most beautiful child.

Look at the people feel, mink coat is not casually be able to control the

Look at the people feel, mink coat is not casually be able to control the Wear in SURI CRUISE who actually think the whole street became her runway.

SURI CRUISE superior clothing items also made her the darling of fashion insiders closely watched
Little black dress + headwear + pink plush sunglasses with color, full of ladies Fan
As the daughter of Tom Cruise, in addition to a brand name, as well as regularly as her stylist home equipment
Holiday Family fitted, full of all love it

In Hollywood voted 'most likely to wear clothes Star Baby', Suri costumes of one million yuan tops the list. Brother Tom Tom Sao you are really well-intentioned it!

Alia Wang

Alia Wang

This much! Chinese designer Wang Daren Alexander Wang super cute niece Alia Wang trendsetting skill no wonder known to everybody, her avant-garde style, can be said to be the focus of attention of the industry trend, a style a bit like children, hand, With star posture.

New York Fashion Week this year to participate in activities, whims and innocent demeanor and stylish dress made her the object of all attention
I can not imagine a two-year-old began back Chanel and Balenciaga girl, would be a kind of life experience
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Traditional Chinese: 她左背Chanel右挎Balenciaga 身穿百萬

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