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Lead: baseball jacket comes with stylish property, by age and practical, so many men become good heart, but if mismatches, this stylish weapon is likely only practical effect of the warm, though far from a throwaway, though. also wasted a lot of good intentions designer Thus, in a baseball jacket resurgence this summer, grasp it correctly opens the way to become the current urgent problem (rotor:.. GQ Men

Blue Lan attended the movie << >> big brother to catch the starting ceremony

Since the choice of this year's hot baseball jacket, and so is a gorgeous embroidery section, so how can improvise. Blunder, which take too tooling sense, how to look like a temporary coat borrowed from others. Better to which take into dark green or black T-shirt, blue-black costume with a white sneaker straight denim + substitution, addition, accessories neck off on the first come, as with the cool feeling full belt as decoration, while the T-shirt headlong into the pants, let modeling more handsome neat, finally, the hair can also be a number of young and trendy, in short, do not live up to the designer of some good intentions.

Jia Nailiang northeast past the break to attend << >> Ma Zhangfei press conference

Printing is also a high-profile baseball jacket, the upper body with a look also Ok, but downloading dark, is not it a bit too far low-key? Better to choose a slightly gloss brown trousers, the overall temperament more unified. Since with a white T-shirt as a base, it can also be the best color shoes echoed, after all, only the details of thoughtful Look withstand scrutiny.

Dawn attended the launching ceremony presided Entertainment Expo

Unfortunately, this did not play baseball jacket by age role, but slightly old state, probably because the entire look seem too 'tight' the. Hat and face does not seem to match, size was slightly smaller face big better to replace the dome flat brimmed baseball cap, if you want something more casual, you can flip over to wear baseball jacket tight enough already, so unbuttoned exposing the white T-shirt, is young and trendy approach. If you can jeans need to neat little, too late to change, then it is slightly rolled up trousers bar.

Luo appeared in Hong Kong to promote its mermaid << >>

Basically get a baseball jacket dress essentials, but there are still some details that need to be improved. For example you want to increase with cool sunglasses, but he choose the wrong style, and watches are too formal, with the entire look substandard gas field. Anyway, Accessories do not play a finishing touch, but was caught the handle. in addition, since the choice of Goro Takahashi classic accessories, might as well tune a little higher, choose black shirt as a base to make more prominent and more fashionable accessories, pants into high-top converse, let the leg line more neat, but also a more personal style.

Great Zhang participated in full acceleration << >> stills

The entire look dazzling, since I do not know where to look. Too many who want to express style, even people forget he is actually wearing a baseball jacket playful swagger. Thus, in order to defend the status baseball jacket, first within the take into simple round neck white T, then downloaded into blue jeans. As you do not see the shoes, light sneaker like.

Sheng Yilun attend Competitive reality show << >> extraordinary partner conference

At first glance a Look no problem, but it seems not enough advanced in the color red, black, white, three strongly contrasting colors ride together, some lack of texture, the easiest way is simply to replace the army green baseball jacket. However, if you can not, then the non-red, a color that would take some of the tests.

Wu arrived in South Korea

It seems 'Siye' It's like baseball jacket, but compared to the previous period does not fit embroidered jacket, this look has been pretty much the only shortcoming is the T-shirt and trousers hem neat enough, remember the details determine the grade ah.

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