Dimensional flowers open in early summer and the upper body about a meeting

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Lead: on a warm summer, wearing a print dress, elegant, beautiful, feminine, however, in spring and summer 2016. In addition to bright colors complicated printing a single product, you can also choose a more stylish one-dimensional flowers. products. in more than three-dimensional flowers applique, embroidery and other crafts of different materials flower decoration on clothing or accessories, from sandals to strap flower bag, absolutely exquisite eye-catching, vivid type, make your summer no longer monotonous. (from pclady

Flower girl dresses vitality

Fry splendid day, how little had a three-dimensional flowers single product? Wear more large variety of flowers, flowers, floral, is not eager to make a breakthrough? Then hurry to choose a chic and elegant highlights taste dimensional flowers single product now, not only has the three-dimensional flowers gorgeous flower print, three-dimensional effect will be leaving the apparel design to add texture, material hierarchy are more abundant.

FENDI show

Flower elements also 2016 spring and summer T station popular spring and summer 2016 designer flower elements will become more three-dimensional, FENDI show, three-dimensional flower decoration is done by craftsmen handmade stereoscopic flowers, quietly bloom.

Three-dimensional pink floral dress

Local three-dimensional flowers embellishment: 3D effect on local flowers dot dress, a moment you can let the dress to bring a sense of gorgeous, no more jewelry accessories will be able to grab the limelight.

Red floral dress deep V perspective

Floral systemic perspective: the body three-dimensional floral dress Although it is difficult to control, but just as eager as the flowers blooming throughout the body, full of deep style.

Pale pink dress

Flowers adorn dispersion: Beautiful flowers large dispersion on the dress, lifelike and vivid embellishment bring sweet and feminine self-evident, so that every girl turned into a princess.

MSGM flower decoration denim miniskirt

Or, choose a youth by age denim strap dress, sweet and playful, instantly make you go back 18 years.

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Traditional Chinese: 立體花朵開上身 和初夏約個會

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