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Lead: For information on how to lose weight, girls Mature hearts have thousands of questions, all of them have female stars like the sun in the food, talking tomorrow weight loss story, but the fact is they are not all on the scale More than 90 pounds ...... (source: red show Chinese network

Save your Feibai yet?

How to lean into a thin one? How to pipe shut stride leg? How to healthy weight loss? So full of GRAZIA answering questions coming! Sorting out the weight loss questions focused on thin down TOP5, I most want to see if the problem is not clear also poke your chest!

And sports and diet, or cut down?

Bit 5: 'adhere to both exercise and diet, but still not thin down'

GRAZIA Q: There is little doubt this partner, I do not know if exercise and diet correctly grasp the 'degree' excessive dieting can lead to poor nutritional status, resulting in a certain degree of physical and psychological burden will, on this basis a lot. exercise, calorie consumption efficiency will drop, and female hormones and the autonomic nervous balance will be broken, so, weight loss, it is not obvious it!

'Remedy of diet':

GRAZIA Friendly reminder to be: time to exercise is also very important wall cracked recommended before meals time (under the premise of a healthy diet, fasting in the state of motion slightly profuse sweating after exercise, can clearly feel smaller appetite this is certainly much better than the over-gorged after motion effects!

In addition, supplementary nutrition immediately after exercise to speed up metabolism. Finally able within 30 minutes to 1 hour after exercise, adequate intake of some foods containing sugar and protein.

Chapter 4: 'Please tell me, weight loss can safely eat small snacks that?'

Diet is also a small snack to eat?

GRAZIA Q: if we want to say and after weight loss together, and all the little snacks will 'break up' the same grief.! But now the market snacks taste more and more, it is not help but want to buy some to spend leisure time, but still want good-naturedly said GRAZIA, snacks indeed number one enemy of weight loss, especially those fed on sedentary friends, for healthier, more willpower, try not to eat a small snack. to take this opportunity to talk to bad eating habits sever relations! If you still can not help but want to eat, then sweat it go on the treadmill after the meet.

'Remedy of diet'

Search can eat snacks to lose weight, nothing more than 'sugar,' 'sugar-free', 'low fat', 'low calorie' keywords are. But since it is a snack, we still have some negative impact on land, so the amount or control the original basis of half to one-third of it. of course, we can eat more healthy and beautiful things to make himself happy in some of the process of weight loss, such as high nutritional value of dried fruits, nuts, yogurt, squid, seaweed, etc. food.

How can not rebound?

Chapter 3: 'rejection of meat does not rebound method what is?'

GRAZIA Q: I believe the problems are many parents who do the voices, a lot of friends through hardships weight-loss success, but in the end just a month would fall short.! After all, it is defeated in the top of 'bounce' word. Why do we so easily on the rebound? The reason can be divided into two kinds. The first is during the diet, excessive self-repression. After downsizing, in order to eliminate the physical and psychological pressure instinctively will increase the appetite, so it increases the appetite. the second is after a successful exercise is reduced.

'Remedy of diet'

If you are the first case, it will have the appropriate adjustments to the appetite. After all the hard-won success, we must not be defeated on the day to eat a few mouthfuls. So if you belong to the second case, you need to continue to adhere to their own love or interest movement. yoga, hiking, running, etc., can choose one to be happy, and relax in the sports bar!

Dinner invitations can not refuse?

Chapter 2: 'finally trying to lose weight, it is hard to refuse friends out dinner invitations ......'

GRAZIA Q: When we are trying to lose weight, the kind invitation to face the outside world, such as natural encounter great temptation especially as the end of the year, my friends so enthusiastic, it really can not refuse, however, if you feel GRAZIA. the choice is not wrong, it would be better to say that eating is the most suitable time to lose weight! Because when eating out, whether it is the taste or calories will be higher than usual, so in order to control the staple food intake of excess calories, we can touch as little as possible of these foods, more vegetables, fish, meat and other proteins, anyway more They are also less likely to eat fat!

'Remedy of diet'

There's little doubt this partnership, GRAZIA in supporting a move. We can dine fixed order to achieve the purpose of minimizing heat can refer soups, vegetables, meat, protein ingredients in this order, at the same time, try not to eat or touch rice and noodles foods. If you are in the taverns and restaurants in the family, then there is a lot to choose some dishes, anyway, less meat, more than a bite, certainly can not go wrong!

In the end how to pipe shut?

The first one: 'how to quit the bad habit of overeating.'

GRAZIA Q:? How to stop binge eating yourself to lose weight has been on the list ahead of the doubt doubt this overwhelming troubles, the main reason, or due to poor nutritional status to thin.

In other words, barely dietary restrictions during diet will lead to less original body the necessary nutrients. By this time, intended to protect the body's appetite will be strong instinct broke out. But you have to admit, the problem erupted in some more ' eat a meal, a meal hungry, 'the junior partner body. irregular diet can easily lead to confusion .GRAZIA appetite believe that if you are good to eat every meal, then eating and drinking habits will certainly be lifted automatically!

'Remedy of diet'

Follow basic rules of eating, overeating is the easiest way to lift the so GRAZIA specifically list the three most codes should be performed, please follow do it together!

? Began to eat, it is best to drink a bowl of warm soup, adjust the mood, but also about filling the stomach.

? Must eat staple food, but do not eat too much. Be sure to ensure adequate daily intake of vegetables and protein.

? Sleep five hours before eating dinner.

Above, it is today GRAZIA sort out questions of weight loss TOP5. In fact, you want to slim down and hold a better method is very simple, remember not too much pressure. Pressure also big appetite avoid pressure, Happy the success of it! Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 因為這五個原因你們的肥都白減了

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