Money is not a reason to give these elders watch less than 5000

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Lead: first cry, the first step by step, along with the imprint of all life peers is perhaps the mother in the flat every day, to attend her mother's hard work, I have never had time to cry expressing gratitude to his mother, but fortunately able. called 'mother's day' days, to her mother loudly say 'thank you, I love you.' gift for mom focuses on the mind, the value of the level is not important, the following monovalent fashion watch almost all below 5000, you absolutely can afford to send (source:. YOKA Men's network

Number of public attention, 'there are cavity tune' See more exciting original content!

A time when the summer, with the arrival of Mother's Day, this year's summer watch out .Emporio Armani also be adapted to the choice of wearing simple watches to meet the needs of the vast majority of mothers, no ornate decoration, without undue function, a simple watch at any time with the mother around for mother's Day intentions, Michael Kors is described as the most sincere, mother's Day and to launch a special watch and bracelet sets, I believe every one has heart of beauty mom will all heart .Kate Spade New York is clever and witty, in the mother's body is also good enough, who says her mother can not have a childlike innocence, delicate moon phase dial and detailed Martini glass ornament, remind her mother also has its own rich life, it is time to give yourself a break, enjoy the fun of life.

Emporio Armani

AR1962, the retail price of 3050 yuan.
AR1964, the retail price of 2020 yuan.

Watch design ingenuity, with a square diamond instead of the traditional Roman numerals, while the color of fire and sparkling gem dial soft sheen stark contrast and extremely harmonious, like a mother caring for their children unlimited clever confirmed. Blending stainless steel and more gray leather strap to choose from, with color rendering colorful life of the wrist.

Emporio Armani Swiss Made

ARS7505, the retail price of 11,000 yuan.

Emporio Armani Swiss Made in the season vase, trying to watch the most noble recommend this Mother's Day gift for her mother's, women's elegant natural distribution by the wrist.

Watch itself exudes endless nostalgic charm of the classic brick red mother of pearl and soft, low-key and full of meaning.

Michael Kors

MK3491, the retail price of 2250 yuan.

Simple elegant watch design, polished metal bracelet tiny and delicate, the same color when combined with standard Roman numerals, achievement watch exquisite shape for mother's day gift to charm worn, a new perspective to show women charming.

MK3506, the retail price of 3750 yuan.

In this warm holiday, busy people have hurried footsteps paused, stopped for meditation great maternal love. Why not send a watch, a 'table' gratitude .Michael Kors launched Mother's Day special package includes a watch the same series with two bracelets, gentle mother of pearl dial with shining moving metallic strap with complement each other, to show the beauty of breathtaking elegance. with the same series of bracelets, delicate lacking in a sense of maturity, woven into melodic .

Tory Burch

TRB4030 retail price of 4200 yuan.
TRB4031, the retail price of 3400 yuan.
TRB4032, the retail price of 4200 yuan.

In Tory Burch Reva mother named watches through sleek case and bracelet with a retro style, a perfect blend of beauty and feminine neutral, classic double-sided letter T Logo design elements give meaning to dial heritage brand culture, Tory also express a mother's love of fashion. more metal strap dial color no matter what the occasion can easily match. Swiss watch exquisite workmanship and timeless quality, it has become a mother's Day gift of choice .

Marc Jacobs

MJ3465, the retail price of 2590 yuan.
MJ3466, the retail price of 2590 yuan.

Mother's beauty was not cool party thing, but revealing the slightest comforting beauty in the seemingly ordinary life .Marc Jacobs in this festival for your selection COURTNEY watches, the perfect interpretation of the mother's remarkable grace .

Semi-circular crown with the classic round dial design, coupled with the case back plating process employed, modeling dazzling, unique. Gold and rose gold bezel and stainless steel bracelet for the election, whether traditional or trendy mom, We are able to find their own likes.


NY2494, the retail price of 2020 yuan.
NY2496, the retail price of 2230 yuan.

In the warm May, brought a light, delicate and durable female form will allow mothers themselves, a warm heart.

Rounded case his mother's unique gentle temperament Yun satisfied where embedded in the surrounding diamond shining gleaming light, creating a goodly crystal glamorous, more variety of colors to choose from, easy outfit while the women's elegance full of temperament!

Kate Spade New York

KSW1072, the retail price of 2,500 yuan.

Watch associated with maternal love, which can be spent with every second, every moment can be a miss, but may be a record and witness growth.

Delicate moon phase dial indicates day or night, accompanied by their growth or meaning mother every day and night, to watch vivid interpretation is even more charming, chic pink martini glass appears to add a lot more fun innocence. why not this Mother's Day with playful ornaments decorate their own, with their children enjoy the festive moments of joy together!

KSW1093, the retail price of 1950 yuan.

Time a symbol of eternity, in the wrist turned into confusion, but also the continuation of this love

Black Roman numerals, gold bezel, with a leather strap, a variety of classic elements rolled into one, the 'timeless time' as a profound and elegant styling depicted vividly, ignited unchanging children go hand in hand, worn on wrist, timeless.


KL3810, the retail price of 2590 yuan.

The second Sunday in May, Karl Lagerfeld ready for mothers to prepare a gorgeous make up with vitality watch decorate a fashionable stylish.

Rose gold and navy blue color with a hit, with a strong contrast between the color of the modern style, let the wife and mother instantly transform tidal mother, full sense of style. Strap rivet element is added to the overall three-dimensional sense, to create avant-garde, summer full of flavor out and look, the streets will become the most attractive hot mom. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 沒錢不是理由 這些送給長輩的腕表不到5000塊

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