Durian control! Thing about eating durian you must know

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Lead: like turpentine and onions, add some sports socks smell of sweat, the refreshing smell can smell a few meters away (Source:. StyleMode Chinese network

For most people, the durian is one such food: smells:. 'Like turpentine and onions, add some sports socks smell of sweat, the refreshing smell a few meters away you can smell the' eat up even more terrible:. 'mouth after eating durian smell exhaled bursts, as if you had just deceased grandmother came a French kiss,' but that does not preclude it from a large number of loyal pink na! Like to eat durian, you know the cold knowledge about the durian it? Today to science what!

What are the common varieties of durian?


Thailand Durian has more than 200 varieties, now widely planted have sixty to eighty kinds of several common varieties:

Golden Pillow: the most popular varieties of meat, taste sweet, golden yellow flesh, which has a relatively large, known as the 'main meat', because the smell is not too strong, is suitable for those who have begun to taste the introductory paragraph.

Nigeria difference: the small size, fleshy, nuclear small and popular, the price is cheaper than gold pillows, dark yellow flesh with better.


Dry Yao: Yao dry skillet called durian, the name of the reason is because the stalk much longer than other varieties yield extremely rare, as a gift to the Royal Thai goods, unrivaled taste.

Valley Night set: meat especially delicate, sweet, nuclear small, welcomed by many food goods, high prices of varieties.

Durian how to pick?

Durian cake

In Golden Pillow Durian example.

See Fruit shape: elongated, pointed tail is long like durian thin flesh, seeds will be relatively small.

Durian cake

See color: the best is yellowish green or golden yellow,

See epidermis: thorn thick and thin, more like durian fruit, thick flesh and delicate.

Durian how cut?

Durian dessert

Durian If you have an opening, and with a kitchen knife toward the tip of the crack durian gently breaking on the open,

Durian can be no opening knife to cut the bottom of the protrusions durian, you can see inside the lines, and then a knife to cut along the lines and then break apart by hand.

Durian cake

Durian what effect?

Durian cake

Enhance immunity: durian fruit is rich in amino acids, a broad range, in addition to tryptophan, there are seven kinds of essential amino acids.

Treatment of dysmenorrhea: durian fruit is hot, after eating can play blood cold, relieve dysmenorrhea role but also to improve the situation of abdominal cold.

Durian ice cream

Laxative cure constipation: rich in dietary fiber, can promote bowel movements, constipation treatment.

Prevention of hypertension: Durian potassium involved in protein, carbohydrate and energy metabolism and material transport, contribute to the prevention and treatment of hypertension.

Eat durian what needs attention?

Durian dessert

Durian of heat, high sugar content, three high-population and diabetic patients unfit for human consumption,

Normal people do not more than 100 grams per day, if you eat more than you can eat some mangosteen, only the 'queen of fruit' to surrender 'king of fruits'

Do not drink alcohol after eating durian.

Durian dry

How to remove a hand full of durian taste mouth after eating durian?

Durian cake

Let the water Durian shell on the faucet down durian shell shed water hand-washing, gargle, can dilute the flavor of the durian or durian shell filled with saline to drink several, there is heat effect, it can also dilute the mouth durian taste.

Durian cake

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Traditional Chinese: 榴蓮控!關於吃榴蓮你不可不知的事兒

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