"Little husband" Yufei demonstration by age with each have

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Lead: << >> Ode to Joy finale to see Shane Yufei starring << >> little husband is also a drama of love the color of the city, more than 30 small goddess counterattack meat, in addition to relying on high Yufei color values? in addition, the play by age mix gave her extra points (content sources: network beautiful

Yufei << >> stills little husband

Yufei in the play thirties older goddess outfit modeling simple and stylish, the perfect demonstration of everyday urban dressing light Mature Wear appointments soft pink low cut tops and moving, with a little sexy, ponytail braided very dynamic, lookin 'like 20s was like.

Yufei wear V-neck shirt

Pink v-neck T-shirt simple and comfortable, home can wear out, so Yufei looked at a lot of pink, women over 30 still have a girl's mind.

Yufei wearing blue and white shirt bars

Blue and white vertical striped shirt with jeans fresh intellectual, is commonly worn career girl, very remarkable temperament.

Yufei wearing a black suit

Little black suit with white shirt, classic career Fan, capable neat, filling the intellectual atmosphere.

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Traditional Chinese: 《小丈夫》俞飛鴻示範減齡搭配 每款都

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