Wang Zizi exclusive dialogue: support for China in the design stage in Cannes

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Lead: May 14, Chinese actress, host Wang Zizi debut at the Cannes Film Festival red carpet, a handsome and sexy attire stunning audience.

Moderator actor Wang Zizi

Wang Zizi wearing designs from Chinese designer Qi Gang debut Cannes red carpet, a black sequined dress like armor perspective, perspective and ultra-high slit chest are so sexy upgrade, on the red carpet stunning bloom.

Moderator actor Wang Zizi

The red carpet dress very special, choose to share with us the story behind this dress it.

A: This dress is a famous Chinese designer Qi Gang teacher for my customized environmentally friendly materials mermaid design elements before seeing this dress at China International Fashion Week, it was felt that the selection of stylish and atmospheric... sleeve dress partly because personally like simple models, on the other hand still prefer to wear Chinese clothing brand on the international stage. do not want to blindly go along with European and American aesthetic, to allow more people to see the Chinese people design and talent .

Street beat attend interviews and many are wearing national wind costume hope to make Chinese traditional culture and national cultural exporter.

Finish the Cannes red carpet feel how? Red carpet and imagined the same?

A: Been to a lot of film festivals, Cannes for different feelings because Cannes is the most important artistic film festival, the film's production costs they do not care, social influence and visibility of movie directors and actors, and focus on the video content. Thus also the achievements of a number of real world filmmakers, including our excellent Chinese director Wang Xiaoshuai, Lou Ye, Jia Zhangke, etc. onto the red carpet moments, his excitement beyond words, because the loaded film for theatrical I love and feelings. take the time to feel close and yet very far from artistic, inspirational work harder to improve their professional skills to become better actors and filmmakers to make a decent movie to retaliate this sacred art.

Why would this come to Cannes?

A: The media is invited to attend the opening ceremony by the middle of the movie and the premiere of the film world who do attend cultural exchanges such as Spielberg movie << >> blow giant dream premiere, also. Festival do interviews and reports related to the work of video platform.

Your usual style of dress is how to share with us about it.

A: I like fitness, a lot of sports equipment life so wear casual sports wind more recent preference for elegant Chinese style recommend to you a experience, usually when I do not know what to wear or too lazy to go with, we chose simple... white T-shirt and jeans casual shoes, must be true. if a number of occasions to face, you can wear a stylish white shirt and jeans with high heels.

After Cannes, what work plan?

A: learning, meeting immediately after returning to the PLA Art Academy graduation graduate graduating respondent work, this year there will be starring movie << >> shock door, under the Sicilian sun starred in the movie << >> will be released. . << bud produced and starred in the second quarter female heart Sutra >> << >> Lei female College, and production of sea incubator also super IP will also be made into a movie this year hope to meet with you as soon as possible. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 獨家對話王子子:在戛納舞臺上支持中國設計

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