"Beautiful Gang" creative language Liu Siying Zheng Jia Liang Yang share the story behind Cannes

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Lead: The 69th Cannes Film Festival is in full swing, the world's attention in the world's top red carpet, three figure from China, with the help of members from the beautiful << >> Jia Zheng language program group, Liu Siying Liang and Yang.

<< Beautiful >> help producers, Moderator: Zheng Jia language

<< Beautiful >> help producers, Moderator: Zheng Jia language
<< Beautiful >> help producers, Moderator: Zheng Jia language

<< Beautiful >> help producer and presenter wearing a black and white shirt Zheng Jia language style dress elegant appearance, cuffs and button embellishment behind diamonds hidden mystery, this is very personal thoughts girl shirts anti-wear, shoes foot on the red carpet, to create a Chinese girl handsome and elegant image of both.

Q: The red carpet dress is very unique, kind of a sense of collision men and women combined, and to share with us why choose this body clothing it.

This is my own design, because I usually like to wear the shirt, so I designed a shirt above the veil of the following design and classic black and white, is not easy to make mistakes, so I chose black and white. The dress has some Highlights its button design, which is six buttons each have a 1 karat diamond with a diamond surrounded by eight small design, worth nearly a million.

Q: I have heard that you are wearing shoes walking the red carpet why so boldly chose shoes??

Because I usually life is also often wear shoes, I think girls wear sneakers are cool, walking the red carpet wearing shoes is also very easy.

Q: Why would this come to Cannes red carpet?

This time we made a fashion program at the line just at the end of this month, we also hold the fashion aspect of learning attitude. I also like art films, but also want to see some movies Cannes Film Festival, so I came here .

<< Beautiful >> help Moderator: Liu Siying

<< Beautiful >> Moderator Liu Siying help

<< Beautiful >> Moderator Liu Siying help dress appeared wearing a Chinese-style apron, Entitled 'Miaowu flying' dress apron will quite oriental elements, embroidery and porcelain flying binding, filling graceful posture, classical interpretation of oriental style.

Q: This is your red carpet dress is very eye-catching, what kind of idea in there?

I dress this body is called the 'Miaowu Flying', because she is a form of apron, hand embroidery on top with a flying image is representative of Chinese culture, with blue clouds on my skirt, there a Miaowu an idea in the air of fairy.

Q: Why come to Cannes would choose such a Chinese-style dress?

Because Cannes is an international red carpet, I, as a Chinese person, so I want to choose one with my background have some associated dress.

Q: What came to Cannes this perception of the city?

Film Festival is a very good movie sites, Cannes is a very literary sense of the city, and very beautiful, and I imagine, like Cannes.

Q: Why would this come to Cannes red carpet?

The main purpose of over two, the first is learning to come to see the film, and the second is because we ourselves will do the second half of a woman doing a movie called visual << >> flowers, I also wanted to learn about best film internationally is how to do it.

Help >> << beautiful Producer: Yang Liang

<< >> Help make beautiful Yang Liang

<< Beautiful >> help filmmakers Young pretty strapless dress wearing a black and white color appearance, the overall shape of the perfect fusion of Chinese and Western elements, yin and yang, gossip into the oriental charm, full goddess style.

Q: Just to finish feeling Cannes red carpet is like?

No special feeling, just think everyone was a grand treat this most important film events in the world, we all go to the movies dressed, very feeling.

Q: to share with us the red carpet dress it.

Because I came to Cannes to see the film, based on the etiquette here so I prepared this dress, because this is a very elegant dress, because I am also from China, I joined a number of Chinese philosophy, yin and yang gossip some of the concepts, I also like the color black and white ash, many people feel more beautiful my collarbone, so choose the bare shoulder design.

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