Once again, these social hatred luxury goods do you have?

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Lead: Some people say << >> Ode to Joy drama is not good, the reason is that class divisions are too serious, but people in their own circles to play, but the reality is not that what you would do anyway, how people see? not used, simply never mind his own happy enough, and these luxury products we're introducing today, let someone else go despite spray it, the pursuit of exquisite life should be changed every young people have ideas, only spray will only spray! (Source: YOKA Men's Network

Number of public attention, 'there are cavity tune' See more exciting original content!

In fact, both the details of the shooting tactics, or drama, << >> Ode to Joy have reached new heights of domestic drama, no silly sweet white, no problem hesitant daughter. Instead it is a direct reflection of modern life portrayal.

Like some people always want to hear when others boast, knowing that lie enjoyed it when someone tells the truth when he can not accept. To see a drama it can not understand why anyone thought to be so serious and moving, see or busy to go to work!

Anyway, how do some people will frown, he simply never mind, you happy enough. And these luxury products we're introducing today, let someone else go despite spray it, the pursuit of exquisite life should be changed every young have thought, only spray it can only spray!

NO.1 Technica ATH-M50

Audio-Technica headphones circles is already a household name, but Technica ATH-M50 is side by side with Swarovski product .ATH-M50 has a very outstanding playback performance, excellent musicality.

Reference Price: 17,000

NO.2 Tag Heuer Connected

On only watches, Tag Heuer is a very expensive brand. And this will be the traditional mechanical watch with a combination of Android Wear smart watch also continued its usual luxury style .Connected is a completely according to Android Wear smart watch , set tough, sophisticated and elegant in one, ideal for everyday wear use.

Reference Price: 9700 yuan

NO.3 Macbook Pro

Have to say, manufacturers of digital products in the custom can be said to spend time doing the mind, this marble shell MacBook Pro it is very fine, not only has a very eye-catching visual enjoyment, but also has a 24k gold to create Apple LOGO, the luxury product contains the perfect combination of flavor and.

Reference Price: 49,000 yuan

NO.4 Apple Watch

Apple Watch common, but gold texture you seen it? Apple Watch Gold Edition will use 24k gold shell, shiny expensive diamond decorative knobs do. Of course, price is also very exaggerated, the whole inside and outside are all indicative of Tyrant temperament.

Reference Price: 1.4 million yuan

NO.5 LG 105UC9V

LG 105UC9V although not what to wear gold and silver technology products, but in the research and development cost is not cheaper than their .105 inch curved screen is obviously very alarming, while supporting 4K resolution, 3D display, also built a 150W 7.2-inch audio, can be described as TV in cinematic products.

Reference price: 560,000 yuan

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Traditional Chinese: 再一次仇恨社會 這些奢華產品你有嗎?

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