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Lead: Many times we have to go to different places to travel, have come on the plane this big guy, it is saying come on intimate contact hours, although already have hundreds of hours of flying experience, but on the plane there is always some small details let me. lingering curiosity. how there will be a hole? really excrement thrown into the air it on the porthole? aircraft but also how smoking ashtray? and, when the flight was struck by lightning in how to do ......? (source : Travel coup

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I think you must also fly in a certain time, and thought about some of these issues. So this time we took these issues, ask the professionals, and 11 to get the answer. Some of these results, the kinda people almost surprisingly, the original aircraft is a magical big guy ah.

Using the toilet on the plane, excrement will hit people on the ground?

Of course not! Now basically bid farewell to the original train tracks along the straight row of 'traditional', let alone on meters altitude plane. In fact, aircraft lavatories with technology innovation, and gradually upgrade the existing look like, the beginning there have been 'direct discharge' of history. later, for security reasons and environmental protection, the use of a vacuum toilet discharge system now.

On the plane toilet

Click here to science, there are two sets of wastewater treatment systems on the plane. Where rainwater collected within the general toilets and hand washing waste gate is called gray water, etc., which can be discharged through the drain opening of the fuselage in the clouds Since the altitude is high enough that no polluted water will be broken down under the action of air flow, it will not have any impact.

The other part is in the toilet waste, and high-pressure air to the vacuum generated by their airplane belly storage tank, by adding a deodorant and decomposition of blue chemicals for processing. Storage tank switching valve in the fuselage external, to ensure that the excrement only after landing, recovered by the ground staff to deal with the car, but not in the air, 'shed.'

Sometimes there will be a slight chemical pipeline leaks

However, sometimes the situation will be slightly pipeline chemical leakage, if the aircraft at a position higher elevations, these liquids will be in contact with the air the moment frozen, the formation of 'blue ice.' But do not worry, general attached blue ice will melt as the aircraft landed and dispersed into small droplets. even blue ice at high altitude fall, will be crushed before landing airflow melt.

Since the aircraft toilets are flushing air flow through the vacuum forming, then I will not be sucked into the toilet?

Indeed, each time using the toilet flush on the plane they will be a huge intake noise startled. And think of this is in principle the use of a vacuum flushing, there is a fear that if I sat on the toilet flush, will and not in their own excrement being sucked away together? think about those rumors of being sucked into the toilet, and it is frightening and ridiculous. the fact that what is it?

I will not be sucked into the toilet?

According to the Dutch aviation rumor Bowen, this is not entirely the case may occur. The reason is that although the toilet on the plane using a vacuum pump to suction dirt storage tank, but the gasket between the toilet and sewer mouth and does not form an airtight seal environment, but with the air scour dirt vacuum generated. in addition and again, the material and the inner wall of the aircraft on the toilet ordinary toilet there is a difference, is similar to the black polymer coating, with little water can punch clean, so even if you're sitting on the toilet FLUSH press the button, the toilet will not be sucked, not being sucked into it.

Not serious KLM also joked: 'We often have to deal stuck in the mouth of a wide variety of storage tank passenger accidentally fell into the toilet, but so far things have never found which passengers stuck in there. up! '

Holes on the airplane porthole is doing, will not let the air inside the cabin missing?

If you look closely at the porthole, you will find a small hole at the bottom, which can not help but wonder, and outside the cabin air so thin, you also need to stay ventilation holes it?

Holes on the airplane porthole

In fact, for security reasons, this hole is like an aircraft 'breathing hole' is very important to presence of Oh! We all know that the air inside the cabin is pressurized through, in which case the pressure outside the aircraft is different aircraft porthole is composed of three layers, the innermost layer of plastic, intermediate and outermost layers is glass.

With this hole, the higher the air pressure inside the cabin can act directly on the outermost layer of glass, when the regulation hole reaching the limit, the first to break the glass that would also be the outermost layer. This to ensure full or closed cabin, passengers can continue to breathe.

Holes on the airplane porthole

Moreover, the 'breathing hole' portholes on the anti-fogging humidity can also play the role of it, so that we can see on an airplane clear cloud views. Spotted close-up view of the water vapor freezes into Xiaoshuang Huadu gathered in the holes around.

Aircraft is how to start, is not like a car also you need the keys?

Aircraft is how to start

For this 'profound' problem, we specifically ask a friend around the captain gives a professional answer.

Most modern aircraft are automatically activated, aircraft refueling and before ignition, the engine rotation will push air through the starter. This means that basically do not pull any lever or press any button, but there is a need, then he can manually start compared with a key to start the car, commercial airliner way to start is very convenient, but also easy to lose the car keys of it, if the aircraft lost the key, but also how happy earth day?

Why are all substantially circular porthole aircraft it?

Porthole on commercial airliners have a certain standard, oval is very important as an indicator, which is certainly not for aesthetic so 'superficial' reasons, for safety of everyone inside the cabin, it must be made so. why?

Why are all substantially circular porthole aircraft it?

Haviland Comet aircraft is the first aircraft of commercial aircraft, entered service in 1952, when the porthole is designed to be square. But the fact that this is a major flaw in the design.

In order to give the passenger cabin pressurization passenger comfort

We also said, aircraft cabin for passenger comfort give pressure, which has been applied to the Haviland High pressure will act on the cabin windows, but less stable rectangular structure, it is easy to pressure under the action of destruction. after the fatal accident occurred, engineers have finally discovered this serious problem, redesigned shape porthole Haviland and improve a number of other aspects, these measures are still in use.

Obviously smoking on the plane, and why there is such a thing does ashtray?

Service on board

Distance can enjoy smoking on the plane 'golden age' has some nian tou, but we are still on the plane, at least in the bathroom found ashtrays. This problem has been bothering me for a long time, since smoking has been so for years, why can they see it in the cabin?

Obviously smoking on the plane, and why there is such a thing does ashtray?

It turned out that on the plane because the airline does not bother to retain the ashtray removed them anymore, but out of the results of a comprehensive consideration, because in spite of any aircraft in a corner smoking is prohibited, but the airline always worried some heavy smokers passengers can not stand to not a long journey, secretly went to the toilet to smoke. they're afraid to be found, it will smoke Desiree to a secluded corner, may cause more severe fires, so reservations ashtray is to not stay hidden .

Here to remind smokers friends by plane, despite such a hand on the plane ready, does not mean you can smoke went to the toilet. Smoke alarm device on the aircraft is quite keen, whenever you order from the smoke, it will trigger an alarm. If you do not want to be air marshals pulled out from the toilet, then he Renren it.

If the phone does not shut down or transferred to airplane mode, in the end what's the problem?

Broadcast each plane will have a gentle voice tells you to turn off the electronic device, and a very common rumor is that radar malfunction interference keep aircraft electronic equipment on, and even dangerous crash, then the truth is what?

If the phone does not shut down or transferred to airplane mode, in the end what's the problem?

After an investigation revealed no evidence that the hands of the passenger aircraft of electronic devices can cause malfunction or even crash. Aviation experts also believe that modern communications technology is very safe and reliable.

Why you want to turn off electronic equipment? The biggest reason is not closed electronic devices may interfere with radio communications, and aircraft control tower by radio communication and liaison signal interference produces troubling noise, which will seriously affect the pilot and air traffic controllers for concentration and mood ....... Speaking of which, please you look into my eyes o () ^ )o, answer me seriously, you really Ganre hair sitting in the plane of the foremost edges boss do?

I know you can not row

In fact, empathy can understand the impulse noise when we sing in KTV phone interference sound generated is also frowned upon it, if the passenger on the entire aircraft were open mobile phone, and that this makes much noise uncomfortable. Therefore, the spirit of their own safety and responsible attitude, we have to comply with, honestly shutdown. a tough one on the plane? close your eyes to sleep chant ~

'The plane was struck by lightning, it will not crash?

Ah ...... This is a very bold, it is the ultimate, very good, the aircraft fly above the clouds, is a big lump of metal, struck by lightning normal thing. But the fact of the matter is no need to worry, modern aircraft are able to withstand lightning strikes, and the number of aircraft 'struck by lightning' even more than you think. It is estimated that a commercial airliner is struck by lightning at least once a year.

It is estimated that a commercial airliner is struck by lightning at least once a year.

A spokesman for the British Airline Pilots Association Captain Stephen said that even if the aircraft is close to or even through the thunderstorm, after being struck by lightning will not affect the normal flight. This is due to the specific procedures of aircraft, pilots can use weather radar, surveying the environment, thus avoiding the worst of the storm area.

Basically lightning will not cause harm to the airframe, even if there is very little probability of things. And even really hurt, but also in the maintenance time to replace the corresponding parts on it will not cause accidents during flight . on the plane was struck by lightning the most vulnerable members also will be able to directly replace the lost perfect solution.

During the flight the door can not be opened?

Put bluntly, not possible. Do not forget the cabin pressure is applied over the cabin extravehicular pressure than larger, so much pressure acting on the door, unless Superman, otherwise even the strongest on Earth people can not open it.

During the flight the door can not be opened?

But when flying open, or some wayward traveler like a plane on the ground without the emergency door. Here, I remind you, open the emergency door on the plane, it will lead to the escape slides pop, ranging from fines to criminal detention, the consequences very serious. we'd learn more knowledge, a little less self-willed it.

How a jet engine aircraft power it?

KLM's blog posting said, a jet engine's power is equivalent to the total power 28 F1 racing. Think car roaring off the F1 track, you can have a concept.

The world's largest size, most powerful engine is manufactured by General Electric GE90-115B. Diameter of three meters two, can produce about 52 tons of thrust. It ...... too awkward a.

How a jet engine aircraft power it?

Jet engine power is so big, the cost is quite expensive, the price at between $ 12 million to $ 25 million per hour can burn about 1100 liters of fuel, and the plane to fly missions to carry more than the required fuel amount, in order to ensure the absence of fuel will not under any circumstances be seen how much volume to match aircraft to jet engines.

The crew had no right to arrest the passengers?

Recent always see a certain passenger slapped flight attendants, flight attendants certain passengers to splash and other adverse events without accomplishment. And in most cases, we can only think that flight attendants smiling, bow and apologize, secretly Ma Lei ye ah ~ too is obligation! In fact, once the flight attendants that certain passengers pose a threat to flight safety, the captain will be able to apply after the arrest ta.

The crew had no right to arrest the passengers?

You know, after the aircraft from the ground, the captain has almost absolute power to deal with flight safety PAA include:... A right to security, the transfer of the perpetrators 2 right, 3 so that a person under the right machine, 4 exoneration rights. Therefore, the captain of the aircraft maximum. However, there is a problem, the aircraft have someone tube ah. so basically perform flight attendant can be delegated to it. so some airlines, such as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM aircraft is equipped with the handcuffs.

So, do not think that flight attendants are that weak, you can importune, free to take liberties. Civilized and polite to do senior passengers, highlighting its high conservation, high-quality, you say is not it?

Well, stretch children said so much about secret aircraft, next time do not forget to fly accompanied by a friend of science popularization, took him with him loaded * Fly! Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

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