Pia at the passers-seconds into the slag so food photography shoot

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Lead: food beauty bloom tongue only, but also to stay in the lens to be responsible to eat goods, gourmet learn shooting skills, making good food delicacies pull hate basin Circle of Friends is everyone's responsibility.

Number of public attention, 'there are cavity tune' See more exciting original content!

Thought not, why the same food placed in front of others shot out of the saliva is large, you have made into a scene of an accident?

Inviting you want to shoot pictures of food, please follow the following Tips open practice!

To make use of natural light

Although many restaurants where natural light is often inadequate, but under the conditions permit, make as much use of natural light to shoot food. General indoor lighting will leave dirty yellow glow on food, while the camera or cell phone the automatic flash is a disaster.

The subject is placed in the window, turn off the interior light, or the side facing away from the natural light shooting, in order to avoid shadow on the food. If natural light is too strong, you can use a piece of paper a little shelter, or use reflectors positive natural light fill light.

Dynamic shoot

The food is the real inner life shoot love. How to use the camera to record a gourmet cook, prepare, Wobble, decoration, will make your photos more vitality. Such photos will also resonate with the viewer, as if you experience the front side dishes.

If the subject is one of the dishes have been completed, you can consider some of the food was placed around the use of ingredients, spices, or a few dishes, both rich in content, perhaps more full composition.

Decoration is very important

Details determine success or failure, a little carefully decorated to make your food photography looks very different. Look at those restaurant menus, no matter what dish, sprinkle a few leaves on top of most of the parsley, a pinch of sesame or not Jiduo know can not eat flowers, have anything to enhance the taste not talk, have a visual punchline.

When shooting those refried beans, broth and other single food color, which is even more important. Embellishment few slices of vanilla on the dishes in the soup while adding to a baked brown bread or steak on the plate blank in place to put a little salad, you can work to increase the color, texture and fun.

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Traditional Chinese: Pia一下把路人秒成渣的美食攝影這麽拍

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