The Queen and S Twilight female cross back to the 1930s Bimei

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Lead: The Cannes Film Festival opening film << >> coffee commune assembled Kristen - Stewart and Blake - Lively two individual styles of actor starred let us see the small S and K Queen interpretation. alternative Fan children retro styling. usually a street wore 'black eye' out of the closet and young small K, abruptly turned to wearing retro bow girl! This span is eye-catching enough.

Woody shot in the small K: a capital retro girl

<< >> Poster Coffee commune

Current Cannes Film Festival opening film is Woody - Allen << >> coffee commune, the film tells the story of the 1930s, the dream of youth and pursue film pure female secretary fell in love with the story and pass .

K turned small caps retro girl

Theresa K plays the heroine in the film's small capital into a 'retro girl.' With her own image very different. Usually the streets are big smoke, holes in jeans wind of the small K in the film old retro styling show not only 'black eye' was gone, the girls also wear the full sense of the bow hair accessories!

First to feel the shape of her in the film it!

No 'black eye', also put on the bow of the small K
Golden retro and 'Vanity Fair' contemporary curls
Zai Yu old love has been married, the shape of the small K is relatively mature a little.

S Queen and funny little K

Who play in the same box makeup most IN?

Compared to the small K girls retro styling, the coffee in << >> in the commune, S Queen seem less conspicuous. Perhaps because only actress's sake, in the makeup hair style is also quite satisfactory, not very prominent interpretation. indeed become a kind of suspicion 'vase' of it.

Queen S shape in the film seems quite satisfactory
Hair and makeup did not seem particularly bright spot

However, S Queen shape skill is absolutely not alone this movie conclusion.

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Traditional Chinese: 這次 S女王和暮光女穿越回30年代比美

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