Be sure to taste the cuisine of Charleston

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Lead: Charleston charm permeates, roads cobbled streets, pastel-colored houses and blocks of elegant oak covered with moss so that the town has to offer unspeakable But frankly, the real reason to it. here is the food. delicious seafood, full-flavored barbecue, local specialty, full of new ideas for restaurants, Charleston cuisine is too much! These foods are a must you go to taste! (Source: YOKA Fashion Network

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1, big cheese burger

Big cheese burger

Reminder: Any chicken burger bacon burger is definitely big hand than you eat are delicious!

2, Bowen Island, fresh steamed oysters

Fresh steamed oysters Bowen Island

Guidance: at sunset, extravagant small table, Wang Shu point on the stream of beer, numerous fresh whole oysters and fried shrimp my God, you'll never eat enough...

3, crispy duck and french fries

Crispy duck and french fries

Well, your digestive system will not thank us but your taste buds will be!

4, caramel bread

Caramel bread

This caramel bread sold oh only after 8:00 on Sunday morning, until sold out so far.

5, smoked chicken wings, family barbecue

Smoked chicken wings, family barbecue

The island, everything is perfect, we are particularly love the smoked chicken wings. (Dipping sauce is simply addicted to Alabama

6, cauliflower dipped in egg sauce

Cauliflower dipped in egg sauce

This dish is placed in front of you, to be honest, we do not know why cauliflower dipped in egg how to be so good, this is really a mystery.

7, noodles


This road will be garnish a local supply and change, but the main ingredient noodles will not change. The best accompanied by crispy pork, pickles, chopped mushrooms and soft eggs.

8, chicken and waffles

Chicken and waffles

Such dinner is also very good na ~

9, fresh beef

Fresh Beef

Fish sauce and crispy onion roll make this road classic dishes more delicious delicacy.

10, Italian cheese dumplings and tender lamb

Italian cheese dumplings and tender lamb

These gadgets heavenly delicious ...

11, oyster Hamburg

Oyster Hamburg

Salty oysters and tempura sandwiched sweet Hawaiian bread flavor, it is so delicious!

12, fried chicken sandwiches

Fried chicken sandwich

Fresh crunchy vegetable salad, crunchy bread, butter, and thousand island dressing are mixed together, which is about the world's best fried chicken sandwich. Oysters, parmesan cheese, lemon butter with it is also good to eat.

13, prawn rice mix

Prawn rice mix

It is almost a law of article: Do not mix rice bowl of prawn Charleston how to leave it.

14, Japanese biscuits

Japanese biscuits

Andy bakery no virtually no biscuits. But there are a variety of Asian flavors of pancakes, like the figure of the vegetable pancakes.

15, pork trifecta

Pork trifecta

Pizza? Southern California? Really? Yes, you will definitely want to eat this one by homemade sausage and ham made.

16, roast beef sandwich

Roast beef sandwich

Argentina fragrant sauce, onions, miso and roasted red fruit, taste super stick oh!

17, kale dish

Kale dish

People in large quantities before the visit to Charleston, Charleston people eat sour food, Bertha and still provide most of these dishes delicious.

18, rye bread and marinated prawns

Rye bread and marinated prawns

Peanut butter and jelly to eat with wine oh yes, we are serious.

19, delicious catfish

Delicious catfish

You must remember to eat sesame paste dip Oh!

20 cupcakes


There soaked in wine on the cake of figs, raisins and almonds. Only on Thursday to buy, or book in advance. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 一定要品嘗的查爾斯頓美食

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