Qingdao State-based language schools: To apply for schools based on student case

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Qingdao, China-based foreign language school admissions consultant Helen Zha check if the poem

May 14, 2016, SINA 2016 'International School Choice Tour' was held in Beijing Railway Station Beijing International Convention Center Hotel. Containing more than high-quality public schools and International Department of the school, including more than 70 international exhibitors to Beijing, Tianjin more than 5,000 families were provided with counseling, the scene is very popular not only in the exhibition for schools and parents to build a bridge to communicate face to face, but also invited a number of international education industry experts on issues related to international schools to do a detailed explanation. Here is the the interview guests, from Qingdao, China-based foreign language school teacher Richard speak Record:

School superior geographical environment can be carried out mountain climbing and other outdoor activities

Moderator: First Qingdao International Language School admissions counselors tell us about your school teacher to check the basic situation.

Check Teacher: Qingdao, China-based foreign language school was established in 2002, it has 15 years of history to celebrate our 15th anniversary celebration, this year's overall school renovation and made improvements to the technical architecture made upgrades, including school facilities, dormitories restaurant has a new face.

Moderator: compared with previous years, the school enrollment there any new changes are aimed at parents (microblogging)?

Check Teacher: We enrollment this year is very limited, but from the sixth grade to ninth grade is high school, our school is the highlight of geographical environment is very superior, we Yishanbangshui campus environment is very elegant, very fresh air, our school to the beach is only 10 minutes away, there are so superior geographical conditions of our schools a lot of outdoor activities, including hiking and rock climbing, the opportunity for children inside the city is well worth cherishing.

Students apply according to the specific circumstances of the school

Moderator: The teacher said condition is really very attractive, we believe that after listening to parents and students will feel very vivid today's Choice exhibition exhibitors very much, we parents choose the time will be very confused for. these phenomena can you give some schools parents?

Check Teacher: based on personal experience, I have since junior high school to the international school, parents and school students I suggest that parents and students when applying for international schools must be based on the student's personal circumstances, to conduct a comprehensive consideration, including character ability to adapt, as well as the level of English language ability, to consider whether students apply for international schools, international schools because the students' ability in all aspects of the requirements are more stringent, and we use the IB school curriculum, this may students 'ability to self-care and self-management skills is relatively higher, but also to the students' level of English is relatively high.

Moderator: Please tell us about this year compared with previous years in terms of enrollment there any new changes and some of the highlights?

Check Teacher: We are from the national enrollment, because we are a bilingual school, so we recruit have Chinese nationality have foreign nationality, and no account restrictions in order to make international programs, this year's enrollment quota is very limited in our school. and commuting is a boarding school, the student's personal circumstances five days boarding boarding also seven days, depending on the circumstances of the school may be about choice.

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Traditional Chinese: 青島國基外語學校:要根據學生情況申請學校

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