This summer was not a choker chain to get some fresh elements to add more cents US

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Lead: choker necklace has a fire for a long time, under the interpretation of the major stars and fashionable guest, now remains unabated heat Even so, like to try new things, girls are still unwilling to ordinary choker style, they are in the choker. Join your favorite elements, or simple beads, or wanton styling, these make their choker some more unusual. (reprinted from Claire network)

<< >> The killer is not too cold

The most impressive is probably wearing a choker image movie << >> The professional and high drama Junxi the same again.

High Junxi

And then move that loyal fans with a perfect shot from the side of Lily Elsie and sexy goddess Marilyn Monroe is a choker.

Lily Elsie
Marilyn Monroe

So choker What makes you so obsessed with, in addition to Western style and with an outer shape, can play imagination is the top priority.

Plus a Charm

Plus a small strap on his choker

Fashionable gentlemen never allowed to own everything gets no new ideas, the most common is the simplest thing is to do on your own choker plus a small strap.

A sweetheart, the one worth mentioning metal buckle, a decision will be able to decorate your whole style choker.

Hanging on a choker of Charm

Do not underestimate this hanging over choker of charm, it is entirely your own initiative presented in front of others and can show the taste of small details.

Add a touch of tassels

Add a touch of tassels on the choker

Tassel has always seemed soft feel, add a touch of tassels choker on, just like the perfect combination of a long necklace and a necklace, not only to retain the original fashion sense, but also lengthen the neck line.

You can create a 'casual' fashion sense

Even just choker becomes long, and tie a knot in the neck, can create a 'casual' fashion sense.

With deep V

Girls temperament models can choose metal tassels choker, with a deep-V is more to the taste of some.

But if you want to get paranoid tassels popular, such as this ......

Tassels choker

It would not be impossible, but please ensure your aura than it is strong enough.

Playing a stacking,

choker to wear stacked

choker stacked to wear the kind of beauty totally make you feel a better life, so many choker they devised their own pretend stacked wearing style.

A necklace with other materials

If you choker is a single layer, then with a necklace made of other materials, it can also impact the new texture.

The Hierarchy

Use of different levels show out of shape, but also the effort full of one thing.

choker stacking,

choker necklace as worn stacked uppermost is the most basic level, its importance is evident. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 今夏choker才不是一條鏈就搞定 加點新鮮元素才能更仙美

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