Shawn night affection ZhouDongYu universe CP board becomes fashionable to wear much money ruined

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Lead: the universe has not been good CP, sugar has continued, actor Shawn also released a big move in the middle of the night yesterday morning Uncle Shawn ZhouDongYu affection, a sweet bursting microblogging led to numerous 'cosmic CP Jiaxi true. I do 'guess. is it two people really do not take the board to become the?! (Edit: @ fleshy off Jill

Shawn night affection ZhouDongYu
Sweet goes dead with pictures like this!

<< >> We love it in the second quarter before the launch, has not been good and Shawn ZhouDongYu this universe CP, has not only the voice of the counter-attack, more and more understanding, even late at night are beginning to abuse the dog! Just yesterday morning, Uncle Shawn sent out a message that says 'She: I was not really bad shape I have 24 years of age, 14-year-old body I:?. Nothing ah, I was 34 years of age, 14-year-old intelligence. we, quite right. 'microblogging, and with a two sweet embrace as intimate photos with map. netizens instantly sparked numerous' cosmic CP Jiaxizhenzuo 'guess. is to change the universe CP board a couple?! Edit heart is rejected!

Shawn is a tough street style
ZhouDongYu is free to switch between funky and funny wizard yujie

If you ask, 'Why not be optimistic about the universe CP?' In fact, the reason is very simple, that is, two people do not take the style of dress, standing together CP almost no sense. We all know that Shawn is not only multi-dwelling artists, or bit standard influx of men and operates two own brand tide. Shawn outfit is often regarded as a model sportsman outfit. his style is very distinctive tough street style, blazing in street fashion from time to time tough guy taste. and it Nizi ZhouDongYu recent clothing items can be considered a successful counter-attack, but ZhouDongYu fashion way but 'through hardships', and take a lot of 'vulgar and soil and' detours, there was a time ZhouDongYu order to get rid of their image of the girl, but he kept the old-fashioned play. Fortunately, however, after the fashion circle fought, finally found his own style, but! ZhouDongYu dress style with street style, but in no way detached, on the red carpet and large, ZhouDongYu effort plays fashionable royal sister, while private ZhouDongYu is downright funny wizard, never common brand of Xiao Nizi PW with a very playful, so that two styles of artists but insisted drawn together, CP sense that come from?

To be able to smile Bo sister paper, Uncle also fight

If you are still stuck in the 'cosmic CP completely on board' concept, then the above photo on this success to give you a fatal blow. Since the decision appeared << >> we love it, presumably the two have been done group CP preparation, which is closer to the style of clothing items, at least two people are trying to wear clothing CP sense.

Former two two dress style no sense CP
Although sweet, the two separated by a style of dress like a universe

Just remember the launch of the first two, two clothing items entirely on the big farm stays. At first glance, the universe CP entirely 'their own business', dress with a sense of their own array without CP respectively run two man outfit, ZhouDongYu a big, N models trench package, the whole body with Japan and South Korea close to trend, this year's most popular wide leg pants, baseball shirt full battle. Shawn and it is not casual that street. ZhouDongYu wearing little black dress , pointed shoes, he is still a sweater with so irrelevant how to dress style board of thing.

All around on the apron when two people can abuse the dog

However, do not look CP is not strong, but did not want, the big ZhouDongYu:

Ground-Zero ZhouDongYu wear baseball jacket
ZhouDongYu with Disney
ZhouDongYu back Dior Diorama handbags
ZhouDongYu through Mr & Mrs parka

CP affection universe began late, and you still say they do not take, is not it ...... Keke, do not take this does exist, but now the universe CP still turned gorgeous! The origin of transfiguration is Shawn gave ZhouDongYu riding gear influx of goods. (Uncle too may want to dress lovers, and no longer tolerate 'their women' with their own clothing items across the entire universe, how do? !give her!

It is also a psychological drama foot
Two people riding equipment

Say two people from CP sense when it started overflowing, it definitely was a horse ah! ZhouDongYu riding equipment, hat and cowboy boots are Uncle Shawn sent. To dress CP, Uncle is really not easy. Universe CP now not only found a way to get along, but found a sense of CP dress inspiration. This period ride Ma Xiuen love drama, Zhou winter rain and Shawn not only has a couple models riding boots and hat, denim jacket Shawn, was kind enough to ZhouDongYu jeans echoes. They are just like a pair of young lovers.

Of course, Uncle also show the way to force her boyfriend
Shawn warm male big outbreak
Both of them wore grass skirts
Couples yoga can be okay?

Since the CP in riding gear found sense, the two indices is really escalating abuse dogs, in order to play a couple, with wear grass skirts can be okay? Say good sportsman street? We only see how the 'King Kong Barbie.' Together wear grass skirts dancing were not enough, they also came to the beach a couple of yoga section. Although Uncle kept ridicule ZhouDongYu wetsuit, but we have to admit that the sea is really a mix of the two colors.

Shawn, ZhouDongYu the red-carpet style
Is not it also stand together pretty board right?

In fact, only two people in the program CP feeling increasingly strong, on the red carpet is getting board right. Do not look at Uncle Shawn PW modeling has always been street style, he wore on the red carpet are all law-abiding a. Shawn is a full red-carpet style dress with, and through the play in ZhouDongYu old detours, finally have figured out how to dress mature feminine style.

They did not forget to take a large faces
Both fashionable street shooting

Since participating << >> we love it, the two recently unveiled shape, they are beginning to close. Not only with grimace in blockbusters, even the street shooting style are beginning to close. ZhouDongYu this body denim jumpsuit, is not captured from Uncle cowboy style was the inspiration?

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