To travel through Diansha and Ni Ni Zhang Yuqi learn little fresh outfit

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Lead: Start May is peak travel period, and went out to play wear comfortable apart, beautiful is also very important, it is better to learn three street beat goddess Ni Ni, Zhang Yuqi, small Sonja's travel the United States take it (Source: Love beautiful)

Ni Ni PW street shooting

Ni Ni trips loaded with small fresh wind-based, Ni Ni is now enjoying a seaside holiday in Cannes, faded costumes later, Ni Ni sweet put on casual wear, rainbow striped shirt + pants + Carrefour shoes, filling the holiday relaxing comfortable.

Ni Ni dress photo

To the beach to play how little had elegant floral skirt, Ni Ni this bohemian chiffon dress Jueduinvshen Fan, amorous.

Ni Ni Baiqun travel photos

White dress with red platform shoes fresh and amazing, a beautiful white dress makes you look full of trips Xian Qi.

Ni Ni street shooting

Simple black and white mosaic dress with flat shoes, black shoulder bag is an essential tool for travel, by age Fan art.

Ni Ni travel photos

White T-shirt with a comfortable strap denim skirt by age, many girls are wearing trips, such as Ni Ni with red bag is the color.

Ni Ni street pictures

Black T-shirt with shorts and loafers small plaid big show legs, carrying a blue shoulder bag fashion playful, light and sexy.

Ni Ni white shirt Street beat

Loose white shirt with shorts and strappy shoes, literary goddess style, fresh and neat, long legs suction eye.

Dress according to Ni Ni

Sweet and stylish pink dress with red loafers, a touch of red lips looked very style, girly pink, Mimi da camera.

Zhang Yuqi travel photos

Look ZhangYuQi microblogging is also a love life, I love to travel and beauty, she prefer ethnic style of the match, wearing national wind when traveling also exceptionally charm. Loose red shirt with a black bell-bottoms, printed flat shoes, perfect modification of Zhang Yuqi the big-boned, classic chic shoes, great style.

Sifu Zhang Yuqi

Loose denim skirt with pink sweater and crazy shoes, carrying a bright yellow and small, sweet and playful, quite by age.

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Traditional Chinese: 出去旅遊穿點啥 和倪妮張雨綺學小清新穿搭

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