Little black dress sandals with the word boundary in the end how beautiful

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Lead: If you can only buy a pair of sandals this summer, then decided to choose the word with the easier it more simple achievement classic, this is the word 'little black dress sandals community' because with the title How to choose the color. significant foot white? thin straps on the feet was thin? What color is the most wild? to accept this 'word strap sandals Guide' first cut before hand, pick your word pair for a band to fashionable summer. (content source: vOGUE fashion network

The thickness of the tape in the visual impact of fat, thin legs

Pin thin small feet with selected fine

Fine with the word strap sandals

Do not think in the fashion Slim road always smooth sailing. Thin thin physique often means 'bear up' clothes and shoes. Thin legs or feet small girl try to choose the word with a fine belt sandals from the visual point of view, a thin strip of more light than crude belt, so that a larger area of bare feet visually even more full.

Whether casual or formal occasions on weekdays, with a fine word strap sandals are the most classic choice.

Olivia Palermo demonstration

Many word strap sandals with very fine, so we will see the two side by side, or with fine, or cross, or intertwined design .Olivia Palermo on a soft spot for these shoes.

Word with sandals

Summer inevitably wear colorful, complex pattern printing, a pair of simple sandals with a thin strip of the word does not guarantee enough style stunts.

But if you do not really belong to the tall slender type, and even a little thicker thigh leg a little strong, try to avoid using too much bare thigh with a thin strap sandals, right, look at the following comparison diagram you will understand.

Supermodel Model word strap sandals

Foot fat feet with rough election

As the saying goes, there is no comparison to no harm, wearing sandals with the word, fat legs family if he just fine with style selected, certain strangulation have more fat feet feet big. Benefits crude belt style is, by reducing the bare feet area, visually with the help of the feet 'lose some weight.' this is not a large waist wear midriff, leg wear shorts is not a strong reason, it is easy to understand, right? there are also wide band coarse fine points, according to personal preference selection.

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Traditional Chinese: 涼鞋界的小黑裙 一字帶到底有多美

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