Falcon 9 rocket successfully recovered but was unable to hit another shot

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According to USA Today reported that on Friday the successful launch of the SpaceX Falcon Nine rocket, the first stage of its successful landing on a ship in the Atlantic Ocean. May 6, at a distance of half a mile above the landing target, SpaceX's rocket boosters hit the brakes, firing three engines, which will rocket in three seconds to reduce the speed of 300 miles per hour. subsequently, the first phase of the Falcon Nine in the dark landing deck boats in the Atlantic on the completion of the high-speed landing.

The sea landing SpaceX can show complete recovery in some of the transmission booster in the most challenging, however, it suffered heavy losses in return.

SpaceX's CEO elon Musk (Elon Musk said that it may not be used to launch a rocket again, but it can help a company to assess the value of booster flight future recovery. 'Recent rocket suffered heavy losses, mainly from the very high entry speed. 'Musk tweeted says.' it will be used for ground tests to confirm the other everything is normal. '

On Saturday the 14-storey SpaceX Falcon Nine boosters move the Kennedy Space Center launch pad 39A hangar, where there is another two rockets will land.

The first two stages of recovery mainly to the rocket project in low orbit, to provide a more gentle landing environment. May 6 rocket will launch the Japanese JCSAT-14 communications satellite 22,000 miles above the equator to the high-altitude track. Booster and when a separation of the rocket flight speed over 5200 mph, in contrast to the task on a lower track separation flight speed of 4000 mph, SpaceX rocket represents its re-entry into the atmosphere through the five times heated. as boosters getting hotter and faster, the company warned that the likelihood of a successful landing is unlikely.

The question now is whether the trimming or other thermal protection system that allows the rocket to harden, thereby endure such a serious force, and in the recovery to maintain a good state, to realize after a lot of refurbishment repairs can be used to launch again.

SpaceX has repeatedly stressed that the turnover is quick and easy recovery of a rocket the key game changer because it can greatly reduce the cost of launching .SpaceX hope this year to re-launch in April this year launched a first rocket.

The company expects the next task May 25 and conducted on a not much different: Falcon Nine Thaicom 8 will carry a communications satellite launched from Cape Canaveral, boosters and try again landing at sea In June it will be continued for another two launches were equipped with another communications satellite and ISS cargo.

Falcon 9 rocket successfully recovered but was unable to hit another shot

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Traditional Chinese: 獵鷹9火箭成功回收 然而遭重創無法再射

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