Wrap quilt is not necessarily ugly face look ZhangYuQi to name the perianth

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Lead: Recently, Zhang Yuqi sun goddess out of their dress 'perianth surface' of the self-print dress wind original 'perianth surface' are not all that is Northeast wind Tyrant as the flu, can become a budding fashion items! Come Kitty Zhang as 'perianth face' name (Edit: @ fleshy off Jill

Zhang Yuqi wrapped 'perianth surface'
Zhang Yu Qi perianth surface from Dolce & Gabbana 2016 spring and summer

Recently, Zhang Yuqi goddess microblogging drying out from their wearing Dolce & Gabbana 2016 spring and summer wind printing skirt shape. Bright colors, complex printing, so that's kind of like the new style goddess wrapped perianth that depends on the sense surface. can not help but think of those in Northeast fashionable style scene of an accident. However, we found the perfect pair of goddess ZhangYuQi with big legs easily hold this body perianth surface. the original 'perianth face' can also wearing very fashionable!

'Perianth face' style of the accident scene

Remember those perianth surface shape of the accident scene? Thriller index as much horror. Why is perianth face, someone wearing fashionable and sexy, but it was tacky and wear it scary? The main reason is that color and match, goddess ZhangYuQi mix, we can easily find complicated printing will inevitably give people a 'dazzling' visual experience, this time in the match to do subtraction, do not over-add accessories, at the same time, choose a pair of black shoes covered only It is the safest with.

Pajamas wind printing skirt with a recommendation

FRS For Restless Sleepers pajamas wind Printed Top 6865 yuan

Aquazzura fringed suede sandals 5230 yuan

Edie Parker box-shaped handbag 12,562 yuan

Change color instantly enhance the fashion degree

Want to put complex print dress, the key point lies in selecting the right color. Even to challenge 'perianth face' can wear a big problem in this fashion sense fashion circles, there is no need to have to choose red with green cheesy color bar like Emma - Wente Sen and Fan Bingbing this choice colored print dress, real wear and fashionable, would serve two purposes.

Recommended with light-colored print dress

Dolce & Gabbana print skirt 22,141 yuan

Gianvito Rossi Suede pointed shoes 5302 yuan

Gucci leather shoulder bag 19,822 yuan

Darker colors are more suitable for large flower prints

Even the printing of a single product, but also follow the principles of classic black and white color. In addition to white light-colored print dress, the black dahlia print dress is a good choice and is different from the light-colored with black print dress on , floral pattern to be too large, not too complicated, so as to have a range of trendy style atmosphere. in the match, if you worry too dull black, may wish to add some style metal accessories on a single product.

Black print skirt with a recommendation

Miu Miu black print skirt 60,215 yuan

Gianvito Rossi PVC leather stitching heels 6998 yuan

Jimmy Choo Acrylic Clutch 12,562 yuan

Another fabric, but also small fresh floral face

If you are reluctant to give up red quilt, it does not matter, there is a way to save your love perianth surface, that is a different fabrics to see Song Qian and Miranda - children can choose chiffon or satin printing skirt, is not the addition of a fresh and elegant? irregular skirt design is the entire body with bonus items.

Chiffon print dress with a recommendation

Calvin Klein Collection print skirt 9291 yuan

Michael Kors color stitching pointed shoes 1030 yuan

Alexander McQueen PLEXIGLAS® handbag 16,384 yuan

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Traditional Chinese: 裹被面不一定就是醜 看張雨綺為花被面正名

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