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Lead: The annual Palme d'Or is the eternal symbol of the Cannes Film Festival, Official Competition awarded best film, called all filmmakers hearts veritable Holy Grail.

2016 Palme d'Or trophy

The sequence of the 69th Cannes Film Festival Palme d'Or to be awarded the trophy in 1998 after Carolyn Schaefer (Caroline Scheufele) redesign. And from 2014 onwards, this legendary trophy in all through fair certified gold mining made.

Molded Wax

1998 newly designed trophy, designer ingenuity to design their leaf stems to the end of the heart-shaped, as well as highlighting the stem vein texture, very dynamic piece of palm leaf.

18k gold texture

The Palme d'Or trophy 18k weight of 118 grams, the use of crystal base, the shape of an emerald-cut diamond. Each trophy will attain to the essence, precious, by nature, no two exactly the same crystal .

Crystal base use

2 years later, in 2000, a perfect replica of the Palme d'Or trophy - the Palme d'Or trophy mini mini version of the birth of the same material used annually thereafter Film Festival 'Best Actor Award' and 'Best Female. Actor Award 'winner of the Palme d'Or trophy can get this mini.

2016 Palme d'Or trophy
2016 Palme d'Or trophy
2016 Palme d'Or trophy
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Traditional Chinese: 比擬珠寶的獎杯 揭秘純金戛納金棕櫚獎杯

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