Five little things steal your health

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In this world, all the time there is a take away your health 'Thieves', which are often hidden in your common habits among these was all the time in the habit to steal your body of vitamins, if you do not take it seriously children, sooner or later it will give you looking thing, even a threat to your life, do not take it lightly Yo! So, what are your habits behind the truth? How do we respond to the health crisis? Who stole these healthy 'Thieves' is it?

1, computer, phone: Vitamin A stolen

In today's society, computers, mobile phones and electronic products such almost 'occupied' most of our attention, 'Pa eye' does not matter, but you will see more dry eyes, eye astringent, eye fatigue, can cause sudden severe blindness unconsciously 'steal' away the body of vitamin a, but there are different degrees of radiation, will produce a small amount of free radicals, consuming antioxidant vitamins, such as vitamin C and E. we have to do that replenish.

Lying gun crowd: phone party, designer ......

Vitamin A-rich foods: animal liver, carrots, Chinese wolfberry, green leafy vegetables.

2. Wine: stole B vitamins

Wine is a way to bring something wonderful feeling, which is the favorite of many people since ancient times, such as the Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai had made << >> cursive 'Life is proud to be thoroughly enjoyed themselves, Mo to make gold bottles empty for months, 'the poem. and to the modern, it is more often appear in the party table, dinner and other occasions them, and a lively atmosphere as the main task, many usually unannounced people, after binge drinking a few glasses of it You are talking about ......

But if you know that light drinking, but do not know when you need to consume a lot of alcohol metabolism in the body of B vitamins, then you in the long run because it is very susceptible to problems caused by deficiency of B vitamins, such as lack of concentration, memory loss , stomach pain, eczema, dermatitis ...... In addition, alcohol can easily cause liver and stomach, brain harm, and even lead to heart attack, life-threatening.

Lying gun crowd: Regular drinker but I do not know to protect themselves in the crowd

Rich in B vitamins food: whole grains, mushrooms, beans, fish, animal liver ......

3, smoking, improper cooking methods: steal vitamin C

Smoking is harmful to health is commonplace sentences, but many people still enjoy a cigarette after a meal, feeling happy like gods, at any time, on a point, the lungs, blood vessels, heart and other organs smoking has an impact not that also 'steal' away a large number of dimensions C. in addition, the vegetables will steal dimension C, the high temperature will steal dimension C, so when the vegetables should be cleaned under running water, rubbing gently, by hand Shredded tear on the use, not a knife, to try not to cold heating, emergency fire stir-fry can be heated, put some vinegar can reduce the loss.

Lying gun crowd: smoking crowd

Foods rich in vitamin C: fresh dates, peppers, broccoli, kiwi, cabbage.

4, Movement: steal vitamin E

During exercise, the body needs more energy, oxygen uptake and consumption will also increase, which will cause a lot of free radicals. At this time the body would have to consume a large amount of vitamin E to repair the extra free radicals.

Vitamin E supplements without special attention daily intake of not more than 700 milligrams, or prone to symptoms of poisoning.

Gun lay people: a lot of movement of people

Vitamin E-rich foods: walnuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, all kinds of beans, olive oil, melon and the like.

5, temperature: stolen vitamin D

Human skin exposed to sunlight, can synthesize their own vitamin D. However, living in a cold environment, people, because cold outside, do not like to go out, it is likely to cause the synthesis of vitamin D deficiency, so often eat foods rich in vitamin D food Oh! Also out of the sun every day at noon the sun 20 to 30 minutes, do not let the skin sunscreen and sun come to a close contact with it!

Lying gun crowd: Comparison house, do not go out often movement of people, especially the elderly and children

Vitamin D-rich foods: mushrooms, fish, fruits and vegetables, milk, egg yolk.

6, the lack of vitamins, what the symptoms?

Lack of vitamin A: corneal drying, dry hair, frequent choking baby, decreased resistance to infection, recurrent mucous membranes, respiratory infections and diarrhea.

Lack of vitamin B: blurred vision, seborrheic dermatitis, rough skin, lips, tongue, mouth ulcers often.

Lack of vitamin C: fatigue, joint pain, swelling and redness of the gums, bleeding.

Lack of vitamin D: funnel chest and chicken appear Children, the elderly, then easy to wrestling, balance ability.

Lack of vitamin E: irritability, edema, infertility, hair fork, stain.

When your body occurs when these signals, that is, to remind you to add a vitamin! Protect the body nutrients are not 'thief' stole, even if it is not accidentally 'stolen', and also replenish on, so that 'thieves' were impeccable, better health care for good! Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 五件小事偷走你的健康

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