These facial features will be transmitted to the child

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A parent a big eyes, small eyes, the child will be like? Parents a black skin, white skin a child's skin will be black or white? Each pair gave birth to new life parents are curious to know the child in the end what will be like facial features themselves. in fact, the appearance of genetic characteristics of some common rules to follow, of course, in addition to genetic, and environmental factors as well as the interaction of environmental and genetic. Here we come to explore the mysteries of the specific genetic appearance.

We often focus on the physical characteristics, including color, height, weight, eyes, nose, chin, ears, etc., in accordance with the size of the genetic predisposition or probability, divided into almost a hundred percent of the 'absolute' genetic (including skin, eyelid and chin etc.), more than half of the probability of genetic (including height, weight, etc.) and acquired genetic plasticity (including voice, legs, etc.).

Color. It always follows the parents' natural law 'and' colored, parents darker skin, there will never be white and tender skin of children, if one white, one black, then in the embryonic stage 'and' after, most of them will give their children a non-white not black 'neutral' color, but occasionally there are cases prefer one place.

Chin. This is 'not negotiable' autosomal dominant, such as a parent has a large prominent chin, without exception, their children often resembles a long chin, like some bizarre too.

Double fold. If the father is double-fold, most of them will be left to their children, even when some children are born single eyelids, grow most slowly become double-fold. In addition, large eyes and ear lobe, high nose, long eyelashes when the facial features are all genetically from their parents can get a significant genetic characteristics.

Height. Height 70% depending on the genetic and acquired factors account for only 30%. If the parents are high, children high chance of 75%, 25% short of the opportunity, if one parent is higher, one lower, child the height depends on other factors. As the child's height by the interaction of multiple factors, reasonable diet is recommended children in the developmental stage, to develop good lifestyle habits, combined with proper exercise, which contribute to height growth.

Fat or thin. If both parents are obese, the child likely to get fat 30%, if both parents are obese, the children get fat chance is 30% to 60%. Also it says that the mother from the child shape the role of large fat a person. lost about half can be determined by the human factor, the child can be acquired through proper diet, sufficient movement to make body symmetry.

Sound. It belongs to congenital acquired plastic, usually the size of the boy's voice, high and low tones, like father, like mother of the girl, but this due to the influence of parents anatomy genetic structure brought about by the most vocal training can be changed.

Leg type. It also belongs to congenital acquired plastic, put aside the problem of short legs, long legs, can be acquired through the exercise so that the legs become slender fit.

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Traditional Chinese: 這些相貌特征會遺傳給孩子

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