US arms to ensure the six documented that it will not stop arms sales to set time

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'May 20' Tsai Ing-wen came around the corner, some American politicians 'in a timely manner' to send a 'spree.' 16, the US House of Representatives passed a 'support for Taiwan,' the resolution, reiterated 'Taiwan Relations Act' and Taiwan 'six guarantees' is 'the cornerstone of US-Taiwan relations.' including the 'United States will not set a date ending arms sales to Taiwan,' and so the 'six guarantees' by the Reagan government, before only in oral form, not on the table. the US House of Representatives for the first time in the form of a common resolution to 'documented.' the first time the Taiwan authorities expressed 'thanks and welcome.' forces on the island as part of eligible cocoon-like 'emboldened' the occasion, the media has played the role since that famous Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale of a child, but stressed that 'the emperor's new clothes.' because the resolution has no legal effect, but express the attitude of the Congress. Some people in the United States, although good playing double-dealing, but the US government's attitude has not changed on the Taiwan issue. US Secretary of State Warren 16 reiterated this point. << Wang reported >> Taiwan commented that the United States never was during a call with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi Taiwan people really thought about it, but do not care Taiwan someday become really unfortunate consequences of the battlefield. Tsai Ing-wen and the DPP if irritation Beijing misjudged the situation will only aggravate cross-strait 'May 20' after the collision.

Taiwan authorities said that 'thanks and welcome.'

17 morning, Taiwan television stations have broadcast and online media, 'US House of Representatives to ensure that arms do six,' the news, many media also specified: This is the 'first put into words.' Earlier, the US House of Representatives unanimously adopted a resolution supporting Taiwan 88 concurrent resolution, declared that 'Taiwan relations Act' and the 'six guarantees' is an important cornerstone of the 'US-Taiwan relations.' British broadcasting Corporation, said, 'Taiwan relations Act' in the United States 1979 recognition of People's Republic of China government, ending with the 'diplomatic' relations 'Republic of China' after the US government to regulate the domestic law of Taiwan policy, in accordance with the Act, the United States continued to provide Taiwan with the necessary defensive weapons. 'six guarantees' include : the United States will not set a date for ending arms sales to Taiwan; will not negotiate with the Chinese mainland before making a decision to sell arms to Taiwan; does not modify the 'Taiwan relations Act' clause; Taiwan and China will not do mediator; will not change its position on Taiwan's sovereignty belongs; not oppress Taiwan and mainland China negotiations.

Taiwan, 'Central News Agency' that 'six guarantees' became the resolution passed by Congress in the 'quasi-President' Tsai Ing-wen on the eve of the upcoming inauguration, the US Congress has long been a non-partisan expression 'firm support for Taiwan's' position. 'American sound 'quoted headquarters in Washington,' Taiwanese declaration for public Affairs, said this is the first time the US Congress in the form of a resolution on the United States reflect the verbal Taiwan's 'six guarantees', is may 20 Taiwan's 'new president' on the occasion of the inauguration, a 'best gift by the people of Taiwan welcomed.'

According to Taiwan media reports, the 'six guarantees' was published in 1982, the United States and China, 'August 17 Communique' before, by the Chiang Ching-kuo to the US when the US explanation presented orally at the AIT Taipei Office Director James Lilley, according to Lilley memoirs, 'six guarantees' was written in the United States there is no word of any official government offices and signed the paper, the US President Ronald Reagan to the Chiang Ching-kuo's private correspondence. Therefore, public archives in the US administration is not used at the time had seen Lilley the exact contents of the relevant text. the bill was first proposed in October last year by the close contacts with Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party Rep. Steve Xia Bote, April 20 this year, first in the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 美對臺六項保證書面化 強調不會設軍售停止時間

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