British Air Force fighters in the Baltic Sea twice a week over the Russian military machine tracking

Updated: May 18, 2016  Views: 254

[Global Network reported reporter Zhai Lu Man] According to the Russian 'satellite' News Network May 18 message, the British Ministry of Defense announced that the country's air force fighter within one week in the vicinity of the second track Estonia Russian military machine.

British Ministry of Defense said in a statement: 'RAF fighter planes took off to monitor the five northern and western Estonia international airspace near the border found two Su-27 fighters and an Il -20 Estonia in the north, and another 2. Su-27 is also determined and intercept Russian military aircraft identification signal is not sent, nor contact with the dispatch center. '

Earlier Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Kona Yushenkov Major General had said that all Russian aircraft flight activities are in line with international regulations, the use of airspace.

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Traditional Chinese: 英空軍戰機一周內兩次在波羅的海上空跟蹤俄軍機

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