Military industry information Weekly: Nanhai arbitration soon, the American game is heating up

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Military industry information Weekly: Nanhai arbitration soon, the American game is heating upMilitary industry information Weekly: Nanhai arbitration soon, the American game is heating up
Led stocks name Related Quote change
Hite high Research report cash flow 3.22%
Hongdu Aviation Research report cash flow 1.27%
Air New Technology Research report cash flow 0.74%
Inflow of funds name Related Net inflow (million)
Hite high Research report cash flow -326.12
Hongdu Aviation Research report cash flow 107.92
Air New Technology Research report cash flow -58.13

Anti-week military Shen Wanguo index fell 4.57 percent, the report reviews the information industry and key announcements this week, to maintain the industry rating 'recommended.' Recommended concern the subject of aerospace electronics, electrical and mechanical AVIC, AVIC Aircraft, four-hit electronics, aerospace engineering , Highlander, straight shares, aerospace technology, the Air force.

US warships in the South China Sea into YONGSHU reef 12 nautical miles, China stern warning. June 10 ,, a US warship into the South China Sea reef YONGSHU 12 Hailineihai domain. China is firmly opposed to the Foreign Ministry, adding that already warning track, China will continue to take the necessary measures to safeguard the sovereignty and security. we believe that with the South China Sea near the arbitration ruling, the United States also recently frequently shot in an attempt to suppress China, but after this incident, the Chinese military immediately take corrective action , sent troops to the history of the largest, showing our determination and strength against fear, once ruling is not conducive to China, I believe that China is likely to take stronger action to safeguard our interests in the South China Sea.

China sent an unprecedented scale naval and air forces to go to the Nansha exercises, H-6 cruise YONGSHU reef. Recently, China's naval power to exclude an unprecedented scale to the Nansha Islands, Nansha and stationed troops carried out joint exercises, according to CCTV reported the screen, there was our boom -6K bomber near the reef cruise YONGSHU picture. we believe it is time the action against American destroyers and aircraft at or near the presence of territorial disputes with its neighbors to respond to the region, intended to deter countries in the South China Sea to pick something in such a sensitive time, China dare to reveal show muscle strength, showing our determination to fight is inevitable, in order to cope with the situation in the South China sea more complicated future, need a strong support as the strength of the ocean, optimistic about our long-term development of the Navy.

Seventh-Arab Cooperation Forum Ministerial Conference << >> Doha Declaration, over 35 countries support China's position in the South China Sea. Local time on May 12, the seventh-Arab Cooperation Forum Ministerial Conference in Doha by << >> Doha Declaration, the Arab countries to support the position of the South China Sea, to support negotiations and friendly consultations, the peaceful settlement of territorial and maritime disputes. in our view, has been the United States and Japan continue to render China threat rhetoric in Hainan, trying to lead the international public opinion to China pressure, then China has successfully led a growing number of countries in the South China Sea, China's position sound, once public opinion war failed, the United States is likely to create more friction by obstructing the pace of construction in Hainan propulsion.

US Department of Defense released << 2016 annual China military and security posture Development Report >> The report continues to render the 'China military threat' and 'China's military opaque' and other words and spoke of the Chinese military in the Taiwan Strait, the South China Sea and network intrusion and other sensitive topics. in our view, there is no doubt that the uS has China as one of the most dangerous competitors, were upset in a number of areas, attempting to obstruct China's development pace. Immediately after the contest is ultimately the two economies strength and military strength of competition, China's urgent need to upgrade aerospace, marine military strength to safeguard the rise of my country road. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 軍工行業信息周報:南海仲裁在即,中美博弈進入白熱化

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