Marriott to open the second "Marriott ruminate · From time to time do not eat" food tour

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Lead: food plan as Marriott International Group, co-sponsored by the Beijing-Tianjin region, 'Marriott ruminate' In the last year brought a memorable dining experience for the diners! 2016, the second 'Marriott ruminate' gourmet tour will be held May from 13 to 29 May struck again in the Beijing area seven hotels and four Tianjin Hotel.

'Marriott ruminate · From time to time do not eat' food lovers can taste the award-winning restaurant with seasonal ingredients for cooking a variety of specialties. Each net is only 188 yuan, you can at any Marriott hotel the following designated restaurant within the Exclusive custom-made packages. All packages can be booked online at Yhouse App, and enjoy single 50 yuan exclusive promotions, easy to enjoy delicious.

· Marriott ruminate from time to time do not eat

JW Marriott Hotel Beijing

Events Restaurants: Lifestyle Asia

Fusion Asian Bistro delicious classic dishes, fresh papaya Zhen election season, especially made of Thai papaya salad, coconut shrimp with Prime beef or will face, easily supplemented with fruit compote and vanilla ice cream for diners spring brings a romantic getaway.

JW Marriott Hotel Beijing PRD

Events Restaurants: Kasalinge Italian Restaurant

The selection of the freshest deep sea octopus, tender and Australian grain-fed steak, authentic seafood risotto, supplemented by a variety of seasonal fresh berries adorn the classic Italian tiramisu, diners picturesque build a fine dining experience , will make your fragrant lips and teeth, feel the perfect fusion of art and cuisine.

Renaissance Beijing Hotel

Events Restaurants: Fratelli Fresh Italian restaurant

Great traditional Sicilian cuisine, to bring you a different kind of Italian style. Mian-run deep-sea fish taste, mellow taste of high-quality beef, fresh crisp vegetables in season when, together with balsamic vinegar, spicy juice provoke your appetite ...... Italian midsummer feast, enough fresh, just perfect!

Jinmao Renaissance Beijing Hotel

Events Restaurants: Wan Li Restaurant

Authentic Cantonese delicacies, highlighting Guangdong food culture and health.

Beijing Marriott Hotel

Events Restaurants: Bistro walls

In the acid fragrance fragrant taste, gently knocked on the door of your taste buds, a florid menu invite you to linger in the Royal Park Spring into.

Beijing Marriott Hotel Northeast

Events Restaurants: Cai Xuan Hai Restaurant

Enjoy the high-quality ingredients to create a Sichuan-style boiled East Star spot, etc. bamboo bird's nest to bring you chicken soup taste buds experience the fusion of traditional production methods and high-grade ingredients, fresh and perfect texture of the dishes presented, together with seasonal fresh beans Miao traditional noodle and comprehensive nutritional supplement, food this spring is no longer monotonous!

Courtyard by Marriott Beijing Northeast

Events Restaurants: MoMo Cafe

Seasonal vegetables with a clever mix of classic black vinegar made garden salad, grilled chicken breast simmered through juicy, accompanied by refreshing spinach Chinese oyster sauce then topped with sauce and finally mix with clear butter on frying creamy tangy small potatoes, not only increasing the chicken delicious blend of Chinese and Western cultures also.

Renaissance Tianjin Hotel

Events Restaurants: Dynasty Chinese Restaurant

Seasonal perch, fresh meat, to be carved Huaiyang style, perfect rich protein release, with traditional Huaiyang product, is simply a wonderful taste and visual adventure.

Tianjin Wan Li Bin Hall

Events Restaurants: Concentrated homes Grill

Bohai Bay seafood cooked seasonal selection of precious, for you to create different levels of flavor surprise!

Renaissance Tianjin TEDA Hotel & Convention Centre

Events Restaurants: Renaissance Cafe Renaissance and open-air garden

Seasonal fresh vegetables with a selection of ingredients, ingredients stimulate original taste, makes teeth taste, aftertaste.

Beijing Marriott Hotel Thistle Light

Events Restaurants: tribute kitchen

When the preferred organic seasonal vegetables, creative Australian lamb chops with a soft texture and dense succulent deep-sea cod and fresh tender and Boston lobster, led by diners taste perception pure natural flavor. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 萬豪集團開啟第二屆“萬豪尋味·不時不食”美食之旅

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