Sleep molars with roundworms is about it

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Pretty cute kids, you slept What quirks? Molar please raise your hands!

Who else ~~~~

Zhi Zhizhi ...... how will the baby sleep teeth? This is how it ~

People often think that children sleep molars because of stomach roundworm, but there is no evidence that the molar with roundworm or calcium deficiency.

Not roundworm, that in the end who is in trouble? Oh, do not talk nonsense, because I'm reading less -

In fact, more scientific argument is this -

Sleep molars may be caused by many factors, such as emotions (such as anxiety, stress, tension, character (such as aggressive or dynamic personality type, etc., sleep apnea, dental malocclusion, acid reflux, drug side effects and other factors It may result.

Therefore, the best advice is to regularly talk to the dentist (at least once a year. Adult molars situation will arise if the teeth due to influence others to rest, or appear chin, face, ear pain, etc., should see a doctor promptly.

This time we will know why sleep molars reason for it! Not a bug, if you are really worried that affect your life, then go to the hospital to check it carefully ~

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Traditional Chinese: 睡覺磨牙是跟蛔蟲有關嗎

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