To develop the habit of living six hundred years is not a dream

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Details determine success or failure, habits decide the future in terms of health and longevity, is also true. America herself << >> magazine latest Papers, published more than a few good habits experts concluded useful longevity.

Remain optimistic. Optimists live longer. NIH Women's Health Initiative (WHI 15-year research project involving more than 100,000 women were tested. The study found that compared with the pessimist, optimist in the eight-year track survey, the mortality rate was 14% lower. Dr. Burney Orr said imagine lying in a hammock on a beach scene, you can make yourself immediately relaxed, not to bad things in life difficult to explain.

The trouble to write it down. Eliminate worry, happy life is longevity. Psychologist Dr. Andrea Orr Bernie Washington, the United States said that every day will be trouble written on paper and put it into 'trouble-cylinder' (or drawer, classification helps to eliminate worry. little less anxiety, more physical and mental health. excessive stress hormone cortisol can lead to chronic pain, depression, cognitive problems and even heart disease, and thus shorten the life span.

Midday nap. Allegheny College, a new US study found that when life ring true, the pressure doubled, to be unhappy when the 45-minute nap can help lower blood pressure. Nap also helps to supplement insufficient sleep. Long-term lack of sleep accelerated cell aging. ensure baby-like sleep, helps younger and live longer.

Correct relax US Mayo Clinic expert Dr. Brent Bauer says you must pay attention to science relax relaxing way can be motion, can also be some breathing include:.. Back pain yoga, hyperlipidemia qigong, depression select music therapy, qigong and yoga, heart unfit to practice deep breathing, qigong and yoga, breathing exercises poor immunity, chanting, insomnia and migraine headaches to try acupuncture and yoga. Massachusetts body and mind latest Medical Research Institute Herbert Sen Boshi completed this discovery, yoga, tai chi and other exercise methods can relax and inhibit the secretion of stress hormones and adrenaline, while steady heart rate, lower blood pressure, help digestion.

Meditation meditating. With the acceleration of human aging, the brain begins to shrink. However, Neurology report << >> magazine published a study found that the thickness of the meditation meditation's prefrontal cortex is thicker than the average person, and these regions role is to control human attention and perception. neuropsychologist at the University of California, Hansen said that meditation meditation is an excellent 'brain exercise', can make the brain stronger.

. Common knowledge brain British neurobiologist Miller said: 'The human brain affected by the less training, faster aging.' Brains often helps to make better choices, longevity is often beneficial brain also help. to prevent the occurrence of cognitive impairment. elderly change of mind is good policy should continue reading, learning new knowledge to promote the elderly 'to learn.' although mechanical memory capacity of the elderly than young people badly, but comprehension memory capability is enhanced. serious study, positive thinking, can delay the aging process. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 養成六個習慣活百歲不是夢

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