Why is love not more than 3 years

Updated: May 19, 2016  Views: 206

Marriage is an account of love, but a recent British survey found that love may be more longer want to get married if the couple's relationship has not been maintained for three years into the marriage, the desire after the wedding will be getting lower and lower.

British major research institutions by 1000 couples a detailed investigation found that those harmonious and happy marriage couples, premarital love average time is 3 years. The researchers noted that, for too long in love want to get married because, first, both in cohabitation together, in essence, has lived a married life, marriage lost the passion and longing. Second, long time love, passion will gradually fade, do not want to get married. Third, the longer the time of love, commitment to each other on It may be more responsibility for family life need to take to understand more clearly, easily exacerbate fears of marriage.

It is therefore recommended sweet love experienced partner, do not always indulge in a relationship, to seize the good opportunity to have a happy marriage.

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Traditional Chinese: 為什麽說戀愛別超過3年

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