Strap dress too exposed not wear it to play a mix and match new tricks

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Lead: Seeing all of a sudden temperature soared 30 degrees can finally hung a long sling dress to wear to go out, but on some occasions too exposed Dress outdated, sometimes they felt something was lacking freshness, see the new season the new harness dress in the window if the angel really beautiful, but also can not withstand the temptation. Do not buy buy buy, you want to know the quality of your closet dress collection also picked and chose, we teach you to harness new dress worn, let you like to buy a new dress, like a new look! (Source: Ruili Network)

We strive to wear suspenders before that a group like this, even with the more old-fashioned accessories still no new ideas, even if you dress again worth the money, I can only say that your money and look good aesthetic, but to you want to change the advanced strap dress becomes fashionable, in fact, put it as an accessory, like to take up, you will find a mix and match of world sport.

Common harness dress worn 2

1. Give your harness dress plus small wings

This season's harness dress cute fantasy becomes, because many brands are playful arm out more than two small wings designed to allow bare shoulders look less obtrusive while word shoulder design with an increase of cute cute little woman yet sexy. slip shoulder girls can also play a modified shoulder lines of visual effects.

White high waist harness dress
Printed harness dress

2. Sling which add something to make you more comfortable free

Who says summer layering can not be used, you will not be stacked to wear fashion a measure of an important criterion for you is not with the master, and if you do not want to wear stacked too complicated, it would take from inside a harness dress monochrome T-Shirt started, simple and stylish, contrast material cotton and silk chiffon, highlights the layering clothing, printed dress with straps under ride in the monochromatic backdrop of a more prominent pattern Smart.

Bright yellow black vest inside the ride harness dress

Not suitable for some occasions directly worn alone harness dress, but to the ordinary reality, this piece worn try. Dating can brush a little effort, so that he shines.

Take a black sweater with white tape in the print dress

Less wear in summer it is easy to accidentally emptied, the girls do not have to worry about the embarrassment of wearing a strap dress, with this piece inside the ride, no action can ease not binding.

Take Mei red shirt in the preparation of black harness dress

3. more chic jacket over shoulder

When most girls wear suspenders dress, they are used to wear out a little cardigan, wear it neatly is not too not fun, you can tie it loose in the shoulder, or a single shoulder dressed, so It looks more gas field and panache.

Geometric pattern harness dress Jianpi cardigan
Rose red wave point harness dress Jianpi sweater
Rihanna wearing a yellow jacket harness dress Jianpi

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Traditional Chinese: 吊帶連衣裙太露不敢穿 那就玩出混搭新花樣

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