Li Cannes stunning how kill Matt from the advanced fashion ICON

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REVIEW: In this year's Cannes Film Festival, Li Yuchun to a silver gray hair color with black swan modeling debut, stunning the world, Li also lit stairs to enter the high-end fashion these years attacking the fashion industry turned ICON Li described the play. variety turn various styles, but you know, this influx of fresh full queen is a step by step from kill Matt evolved! Source: PCLADY

Li Cannes stunning how kill Matt from advanced into the ICON of fashion?

The Cannes Film Festival Yuchun debut just blasting up! Queen full range of children of black swan dress to make her legs look five meters, a new short hair dyed gray grandmother feels like the comic book to come out of the second element Reds! But looking back at the spring spring shape, also a kill Matt evolutionary history ah, this domineering fashion Fan children to excel in a day!

Chris stunning world of modeling Cannes

Let's look back at the spring spring stunning world of Cannes shape. The first and most commendable than Premiere Nuit advanced custom series of black dress from Julien Fournie, with a total value of up to 17 million yuan series of Harry Winston jewelry, luxurious and sexy. but to say that finishing touch, also belong to Chris that a solemn handsome silver short hair, perfect dress to subvert the traditional image of the disc only with long hair or hair stereotype.

11 years ago to kill Matt modeling

But when we gaze back 11 years ago, this small series of black ...... really not Chris, but the shape of the impact that killed Matt's wife really big, and think that the next super-woman, in addition to other spring spring short hair are also players such barbed head, than who is more exaggerated hairstyle you? then your onions fried hair styling Lion King, now with really high cold queen difference modeling several Level.

Oblique bangs short hair

Lion King finally gave up modeling, when the spring and spring mostly oblique bangs short hair appearance, coupled with dark brown hair, is not only fresh and neat, but also appears to spirit, but it's also quite a sense now of opinion hairstyle ah.

Simple low ponytail + tails

Li has always been neutral dress hair style for the first time appeared in << >> in the Flying Guillotine, dressed in clothes and sporting a black long braids, in the most simple and elegant shape appeared pale. Simple low ponytail hairstyle tails + to show us a different Chris, even from people saw the gentle feeling, with real-life tomboy different person, even resemblance Lady Joey Meng friends exclaimed: this is the spring of Columbia do?

Neat short black hair streaked with white

Return to real life, Chris basically keep refreshing short hair, more and more fashionable. Neat short black hair with white pieces bangs streaked let Chris handsome, fluffy top hair repair Yan and personality, with a suit jacket instantly transform into handsome young men.

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Traditional Chinese: 驚艷戛納的李宇春 是怎樣從殺馬特進階時尚ICON的

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