Why should not ride an elephant to Thailand

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Lead: If riding an elephant meaning, for you are only close contact with the elephant, then you can choose other, equally interesting, would not harm the elephants activities (Source: poor Travel Network

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For many travelers, to Thailand if there is one thing must be done, and that is to ride an elephant, whether it is in the south of the island, or the jungles of northern Thailand, no matter what your budget, this is a must visit for granted project.

Perhaps in the upcoming holiday season, which is also written on your travel list, but Xiao Bian hope that after reading this article you can make a decision. At least you can understand that your travel money spent, this will What world significance.

Why we do not recommend it to ride an elephant?

Because most of the back of elephant riding activities are extremely cruel elephant process.

Horseback riding elephants and what is the difference?

Elephants are not domesticated wild animals, they are not equipped by nature to withstand prolonged load.

Some people may ask, we can horse riding, camel can ride an elephant, what is wrong? That is because horses, camels, cattle and other domesticated by humans are animals (that is, those that contain the gene for the human being exploited possidetis remained by humans have a choice, but the elephant did not, their genes determine they are not suitable for cattle and horses.

Although tall stature, but the back of an adult elephant can take up to 150 kg weight of four hours. In fact, many elephant camp elephant tied a metal chair in the back, there is usually at least a two tourists sitting on an elephant, and the elephant workday much more than four hours.

Elephant Camp tied a metal chair in the back of an elephant

Unimaginable cruelty

The problem is not riding, but in the way the elephant. In order to tame elephants, elephant trainer who practices traditional elephant called 'Pajaan' of. 'Pajaan' meaning 'break, separation,' on the one hand and family separation similar, the other is the separation of mental and physical.

In this way, the elephant trainer will first baby elephant taken away from the mother elephant, which was kept in a very small cage, it can not move freely. Then, they will continue with a sharp spear to stab him so he did not have enough food and water, and finally the collapse of the stage into the spirit of slack this time elephant trainer will begin to feed him, riding on his back, training him to do the specified action.

Such abuse will be continued to ensure that the elephant has been in a tame state.

The figure is an award-winning photo, photographer Brent Lewin in Myanmar captured Pajaan screen. Southeast Asia prevailing traditional methods .Lewin Pajaan elephant covered in the interview, she is being abused baby elephant mother not far away pain watching it all.

Photographer Brent Lewin captured Pajaan picture in Myanmar

That is why some of the elephant camp, you can see elephants kneel, Zuo Yi, do a series of very 'human' of the action. In this case, you can almost determine, in front of the elephant experienced Pajaan torture .

Memory sometimes hidden danger

Elephants are a small number of self-consciousness of large mammals. If you do not, he will hold a grudge.

There is a saying in English is 'An elephant never forgets', used humor to represent a person a good memory. Some people translate it as 'an elephant never forgets thing', in fact, according to the scientific evidence, it should be said to be ' elephants are very vengeful. '

Elephants not only intelligent (intelligence in animals only behind various human kin and dolphins, and has a delicate emotions. They'll know who is good for him, know how to comfort each other.

They will know who is good for him, know how to comfort each other.

Like humans, memories of the past have caused emotional elephant sustained effect. If you think of the bad memories, they would behave irritability, and if the trauma suffered physical or spiritual, they will hold a grudge, and revengeful.

Elephant in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries, activities, news from time to time there will be an elephant wounding elephant was originally the kind they want their animals to stay quiet, but once enraged, humans are not their opponents.


Not black and white

There are two main elephants, African elephants and Asian elephants. Asian elephants living in Asia the world's total of about thirty thousand, Thailand, less than four thousand, of which about half are privately owned, around the elephant camp jobs.

Since the living space was diverted humans, elephants more difficult to survive. And brutal elephant, the elephant is the sharp reduction in the number one reason.


Until the last century, the elephant in Thailand is mainly used in the logging industry. Since the eighties a rare floods, the Thai government aware of the threat of forest degradation, forest conservation began, and prohibits the elephants for logging.

Unemployed elephants and elephant trainer At this point turned to tourism. But, when the elephants for logging, they work every day just two or three hours of work a year for six months. After the switch, elephants living environment has become worse.

On the other hand, the higher the survival and protection needs of elephants costs, while revenue from tourism maintained the cost control with Pajaan elephant is elephant trainer, and use other means to control elephant is Thailand's tourism division vested interest in the industry. this is Thailand's national tourism as a pillar of the economy, the problem is especially complicated.

Even since 2000, many NGO, animal protection organizations and the media disclosed the shady elephant camp, elephant camp remains one of Thailand's most popular tourist projects, so that ordinary travelers never thought behind actually exist with so cruel fact.


You always have other options

Everything looks too optimistic, but at least you can decide where to spend money.

If the significance of riding an elephant, for you are only close contact with the elephant, then you can choose other, equally interesting, would not harm the elephants activity.

Some parts of the Thai Elephant Conservation Center distribution, host to many due to injury or too hot temper was abandoned elephant elephant camp. In these places, the elephant will not be locked in a cage, but can be freely activities, but no elephant trainer waving hooks ask them to do this and that.

In Protection Center, people can give elephant feeding, bathing, and even when a few days left to volunteer.

In Protection Center, people can give elephant feeding, bathing, and even when a few days left to volunteer.
In Protection Center, people can give elephant feeding, bathing, and even when a few days left to volunteer.

Elephant Nature Park

Thailand's most famous elephant conservation park, the founder of Save the Elephant Foundation Sangduen 'Lek' Chailert founded, she herself is also a well-known animal rights activists in Thailand. Chiang Mai sixty kilometers from the park offers day trips and half-day tour two-day trip can be booked at the official website.

Some elephant camps provide elephant riding moderate activity, but not heavy seats, no hooks violence, you need to learn a few tricks with the staff and elephants close, practicing positive feedback. If you really want to ride elephants can choose this elephant camp, such as Chiang Mai Ran-Tong (save & rescue elephant centre and located in the Golden triangle Anantara Resort.

Elephant in the selection of the activities of the time to note that some elephant camp pretended to elephant conservation park, or known that they will treat the elephants. Be sure to ask the activities contained clear, if there is an elephant show, basically you can pass a. to the elephant camp, you can also observe the elephant is not locked up, and elephant trainer was not holding the hook.

In addition, there are still some places in Thailand with elephants begging phenomenon usually this case, because of elephant training and also do some passers-pleasing action.


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Traditional Chinese: 為什麽不應該去泰國騎大象

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