Mouthwash clean mouth really okay

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Now many people use mouthwash clean mouth! Son force people to pay attention ~ ~ known king is a very particular about who children Yo! Daily brushing, mouthwash after meals, it is important to pay attention to oral hygiene -

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But the king can hear known force, often with mouthwash for heart, blood pressure is not good? Is this true? How mouthwash? Often careless or drink, how to do? Come brain mend it!

Mouthwash is not often you can not brush your teeth yet?

Mouth is the most common method of self-care, the general rinse with clean water or salt water gargle. Mouthwash added some certain drugs do mouthwashes, whose role is to assist the prevention and control of oral diseases. Oral rinse can be removed food debris inside, keep the mouth clean.

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However, not a substitute for brushing mouthwash, although some mouthwashes contain pharmaceutical ingredients, can inhibit the growth of plaque, but not a substitute for brushing mouthwash, brush your teeth is the best method of mechanical removal of plaque. Brushing only as a mouthwash aids outside.

To use mouthwash so, you use the right thing?

When a small amount of mouthwash gargle mouthwash, pursed lips, upper and lower teeth slightly apart, using the power of the cheeks and tongue to make mouthwash gently pressure through the gap between the teeth. Use of water around, repeated several times to wash the residue in the mouth debris and food scraps around, and then spit the mouthwash.

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Mouthwash after eating conduct, mouthwash oral dosage according to the size of each person, the degree of force, the general recommended dosage is 5 ~ 10ml once within 30min after mouthwash without water gargle, not eating.

Long-term improper use of mouthwash should be so terrible!

Mouthwash containing pharmaceutical ingredients do not recommend frequent use mouthwash containing fluoride has caries, low concentrations (0.05% sodium fluoride use once a day, a higher concentration (0.2% sodium fluoride used once a week. some antibacterial mouthwash long-term use may cause oral flora, leading to fungal blooms may cause serious snow-mouth disease, the main component of hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash long-term use will make the tooth surface demineralization and produce black hair tongue other side effects.

Studies have shown that contain chlorhexidine mouthwash twice a day will use the blood pressure, which increases heart disease, stroke morbidity and mortality. In addition, chlorhexidine bitter, tongue mucosa and cause tooth surface color, taste disturbance caused to promote the formation of tartar. chlorhexidine also with toothpaste ingredients reacted, so do not use toothpaste before and after use of chlorhexidine mouthwash category.

Mouthwash accidentally drink into the stomach how to do?

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Usually from the supermarket to buy mouthwash non class of drugs, the main component of fragrance, surfactants, fluoride, strontium chloride, alcohol and water, a small amount ingested will not cause harm to the body. Even rinse containing drug ingredients swallow a small amount of saliva is harmless.

Personal oral health focuses plaque control, brushing and flossing are the basic means of control, but it does not completely remove plaque, mouthwash as a supplementary method, there is necessity and effectiveness of its existence, but not over-reliance, or even completely dependent.

Therefore, commonly used mouthwash clean mouth baby who must pay attention to the use of these methods, not blindly use oh ~

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