S-class mobile games masterpiece "Ghost Blows 3D" Tasting Watch the scene

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Accumulate on the endless! May 18, 2016, hosted by the new Dynamic Group, in association with the top of the media 'new dynamic Night' Ghost Blows 3D >> << tasting, held in Beijing Sanlitun neighborhood. << Ghost Blows is a 3D >> paragraph big production cost millions of hand travel, adapted from the classic generation IP << >> ghost Blows from fiction, tasting will also invite the major domestic media and many well-known manufacturers in the industry.

<< Ghost Blows 3D >> Tasting forthcoming

Tomb body open for Paige << >> Ghost Blows derived S-class hand forthcoming tour masterpiece

Zhou Jun, vice president of Dynamic Group, a media interview is over Cuizhan
The new vice president and general manager of Dynamic Group Overseas Division, Zhou Jun in response to media question
New Dynamic Group team collective appearance Tasting

<< >> Ghost Blows as 'Tomb' Novels for the opening of school, since the advent of genuine traffic overnight soared to millions, peripherals, colleagues are numerous, their adaptation of the film << >> Dragon tactic Box Office is a breakthrough 1.65 billion, influence can not be a small glimpse, the new dynamic Group 3D exclusive copyright hatching << ghost Blows 3D >>, in the 'new dynamic night' hand tour tasting the wonderful debut.

New Dynamic Group vice president and 3D >> << Ghost Blows issued Leader Cuizhan over as we reveal big data

It is understood that genuine authorized 3D >> << Ghost Blows attaches great importance to fans of the original identity, spend millions, hundreds of people a huge development team, which lasted several years heavy build, the maximum reduction in the original Japanese base, fine absolutely ancient, Wu Gorge coffin eight classic mountain scenes, to allow players to get the best and most realistic gaming experience.

Ghost Blows 3D >> << consistent with the original novel characteristics of the role of the original painting

Queen YAO microblogging topic help out 3D >> << Ghost Blows hand travel adjourned to the original myth

It is said that the ghost Blows 3D >> << plans to invest tens of millions of market costs, and invited popular microblogging topic queen Yao Chen as a spokesman for Yao and Chen for the movie << >> Ghost Blows soon, now calls the second time, to help out < <ghost Blows 3D >>, adjourned to the original popular myth.

YAO first endorsement hand tour << Ghost Blows 3D >>
3D >> << Ghost Blows marketing director Jiang Jun elaborate marketing strategy games

New Dynamic Group from 13 years to get involved in hands travel along, King launched << continent >>, << Taoyuan base situation >>, << >> Neptune Road, such as number of outstanding hand travel masterpiece, in which two South Korean exclusive agent paragraph mysterious masterpiece would have come out this year. the new dynamic Group with its strong resource base is the rapid rise in the industry.

Zhai Ning Dynamic Group Commercial Director elaborated overseas development strategy

The heavily built hand tour of the same name 3D >> << Ghost Blows visible confidence, but in the homogenization of rampant market, the new group will move to break through? Ghost Blows 3D >> << again and whether the new spectrum of water myth? may wish to wait and see.

Yan Ling millet covered by the mutual entertainment, vice president of the defective Kam eventually extracted Awards
Tasting gourmet on-site
<< Ghost Blows 3D >> Tasting success
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Traditional Chinese: S級手遊大作《鬼吹燈3D》品鑒會 現場直擊

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