iTutorGroup attending the Global Private Education Summit: Big Data promoting education reform

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Recently, the World Bank Group's International Finance Corporation (IFC) to the seventh Global Private Education Summit held in Hong Kong. Education leaders from around the world gathered to discuss the latest developments and further opportunities for global cooperation in the field of private education, and how to work together to promote Education innovation and sustainable development .iTutorGroup COO Jerry Huang attended the forum and participated in round-table discussions.

iTutorGroup attending the Global Private Education Summit: Big Data promoting education reform

iTutorGroup COO Jerry Huang attended the forum (second from left)

This year's topic focuses on building a sustainable business partnerships to accelerate innovation and use of technology. As a roundtable panelists, iTutorGroup COO Jerry Huang and James Cook University in Australia Sandra Harding, Knewton president and COO David Liu and senior adviser Coursera CEO Nikhil Sinha together on 'how to play the role of science and technology in the field of education,' this issue was discussed.

Round-table discussions consensus view is that teachers, students and teaching content in educational ecosystem vital part .iTutorGroup Jerry Huang, chief operating officer, said online education practitioners need to integrate these three elements in a personalized learning platform in order to truly change the status quo of education.

Jerry Huang and David Liu believed that individualized learning is an inevitable development trend of the global education system. Traditional education 'one size fits all' model of education is not feasible, because 'Mu class' internet never been able to succeed is also here. Create a genuine personalized learning system in order to maximize the learning effect, and this is the reason iTutorGroup success.

'We are committed to using technology to solve problems facing the existing education system.' Jerry Huang further explains, 'H2H (Human to Human) is iTutorGroup build human-linked shared platform, with highly personalized service model, can really each learner to solve problems. '

H2H set an example for the future of the business model, but also the integration of big data, with the election of experts and efficient platform for any person, any business, any organization can be free by H2H platform sharing / learning language or professional skills, including wealth management, financial , law, cooking, medical and other diverse interactive online sharing service.

About IFC Global Private Education Summit

IFC Global Private Education Summit has been six years of history, held every year in different parts of the world, bringing together people from all sectors of education .IFC is one of the World Bank Group member agencies, it is the largest to focus on private sector development in emerging markets worldwide .IFC development assistance agencies in cooperation with more than 2,000 global private sector, using its own funds, proprietary knowledge and influence, where it is most needed to create opportunities for development.

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Traditional Chinese: iTutorGroup出席全球民辦教育峰會:大數據推動教育改革

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