2016 Shandong College Entrance Examination batch setup and reporting schedule

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Sina Education (microblogging) News According to the provisions of the 2016 Shandong college entrance work, Shandong entrance (microblogging) volunteer batch setup and reporting schedule is as follows:

Reporting methods:

Each batch of volunteers and voluntary reporting to collect specific time provincial education entrance examination notice, candidates should promptly Login http://www.sdzk.cn.

Online voluntary reporting at http://wsbm.sdzk.cn

Volunteers batch settings:

2016 continues the implementation of online voluntary reporting and general literature and history and science and engineering undergraduate group of undergraduate second installment, specialist (vocational technical subjects have granted all of the implementation and achievements of Parallel batches collecting voluntary. Arts, sports and other requirements of the professional is not the implementation of parallel voluntary, but the first art Tiqian Pi voluntary reporting, the addition of a call for volunteers.

'3 + 2' counterparts through pilot candidates segment culture by literature and history or science and engineering college (vocational batch voluntary reporting, Forms Pick candidates score to reach the next province undergraduate second installment of the minimum admission control line 50 points, according to the College Admission principles merit and go through college admission procedures.

Time reporting:

Candidates should apply according to categories and levels, combined SAT score, completing the volunteer reference guide >> << enrollment in professional programs or vacancies published online program, university enrollment charter >> << be furnished. Qualified candidates to choose their own Internet sites voluntary reporting. If you do not have the conditions, high school graduates can go to the original high school graduation voluntary reporting, previous high school graduates to fill volunteer account where the county (city, district enrollment office designated location. candidates to fill volunteer information within the specified time last furnished (subject to modification. Internet access with a password to confirm its candidates to fill volunteer information, having the force of law, without the need for a written signature. candidates must complete volunteer within the specified time, early or late are considered to fill this void. because the consequences of reporting errors caused by the candidate himself is responsible for themselves.

Entrance examination bodies at various levels, secondary schools should strictly implement the voluntary reporting procedures to further strengthen the candidates voluntary reporting of information services to guide candidates in complete control of the information, on the basis of a reasonable overall balance completing the volunteer. Volunteers must be furnished by me personally, school and teachers can not be filled on behalf of the newspaper on behalf of, but are not allowed to modify.

Admission Batch Plan:

Admission in 5 batches, namely Tiqian Pi, self-enrollment grant (including special College, the undergraduate group of undergraduate second installment, specialist (vocational batch.

1. Tiqian Pi: military, public security, national defense, maritime colleges and professional class, normal universities directly under the Ministry of Education undergraduate Normal School, Undergraduate Admissions Comprehensive Evaluation of the pilot institutions and professionals, local free college students, international relations College, Foreign Affairs College, Beijing Institute of electronic Science and technology, China Youth political College, Chinese University of Hong Kong (microblogging), city University of Hong Kong Colleges and professional, Foreign Trade and economic University (microblogging) and other institutions of small language professional, part part of Art Majors undergraduate Pilot technical professional institutions, set up independent undergraduate art schools and their enrollment reference approach to the implementation of other institutions, ministries belong to institutions, '211' engineering schools and some provincial key institutions undergraduate Art. POLICE class colleges and professional non-commissioned officers and professional straight strokes.

2. The self-enrollment grant (including Universities Special: For independent enrollment in colleges and universities, including art (Sports Students.

3. undergraduate group: the national '211' engineering schools, colleges and universities directly under the Ministry of Education, other ministries and institutions is a key, some key provincial institutions have seven years of schooling or specialized professional institutions, special programs to recruit rural students local universities and professional sports undergraduate, Art Majors other institutions in addition to undergraduate Tiqian Pi.

4. undergraduate second installment: not included Tiqian Pi and a number of undergraduate colleges and professional ..

5. Specialist (Higher batch: the specialist in Public Security Colleges and direct recruit non-commissioned officers outside of our professional (vocational colleges and professional.

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Traditional Chinese: 2016山東高考誌願批次設置及填報時間安排

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